dirty1322 43M
38 posts
3/31/2006 1:10 pm

I want to find a secluded picnic table somewhere and have you sit on the table while i sit on the bench and eat your lovely pussy as I i do I want a soft warm rain to start to fall. I want us to shed all of our clothing so we can feel the gentle droplets caressing our skin and collecting in our hair . I want to embrace you passionately the only thing between us a slick layer of water dropped on us from the clouds above. I want to lay you down on the picnic table and enter your warm body gently as the rain continues to lap at our now glistening skin I want our moans to mix with the sound of the rain hitting the leaves in the trees I want our smells to mix with the smell of the fresh cleansing rain. and as we climax as one I want the sun to mix with the now slowing rain and bathe our bodies in its soft glow as we are already glowing

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