Tashas real life fantasy - Part 4.  

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3/9/2006 6:40 am

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4/6/2007 12:30 pm

Tashas real life fantasy - Part 4.

A few seconds later i was having my 1st experience of 2 cocks at the same time.
Jim's cock felt so much bigger in my pussy than it had in my mouth - i was literally having to suck harder on Matts cock to keep myself quiet.
The whole experience of being such a slutty bitch made me hornier than ever - i was up for anything - i just wanted sex - cocks - cum - men!!!!! NOW!!!
Matt swore (as men do) bucked and filled my mouth with cum, i gagged slighty as it had taken me by surprise!
I was still on all fours being pounded by Jim and now with Matts limp messy cock in front of me. I sucked it again, kissed it and hoped it would spring back into life.
I looked up to see Matt smiling.
"You look such a slut with cum dripping off your face Tash!"
Suddenly Jim withdrew!!!

Not fair!!!

I'd gone from 2 big hard cocks to none in seconds!
"Come here" he demanded.
I spun round to face his big cock that he was now wanking off - "Open your mouth!"
I knew what was coming or cumming!!! lol
Jim grabbed my hair and pulled my head back then shot hot cum all over my face and into my mouth.
I swallowed it down and licked it off my face in the places that i could.
Men seem to love cumming on your face - i can never understand why it gets them so excited but its harmless so i've always got on with it.
"Good girl"

He really is a selfish bastard i thought, but once again i didnt give a damn.

I was still so fucking horny - i'd cum twice but i felt like i hadnt cum all night.

Joe entered the room - naked!

All of a sudden the boys weren't shy at all in each others company.

"You still ok Tash?" said Joe
"Oh yeah" i replied - scooping cum off my face and sucking it off my fingers.

Joe pulled out a tube of KJ - "I said i'd be back!"

The other 2 laughed and then left the room.

Joe had me sucking his cock in seconds and then got me on all 4s again! his favourite position!!
"What a great ass you've got" he said admiringly and i felt the cold jelly took my bum.

I've always enjoyed anal sex - it doesnt make me cum or anything like that but doing it makes my feel like i'm doing something "wrong" and that in turn gets me very excited.
Joe started gently - just the end touching my asshole.
He worked his way in - like a gentleman!!!! lol
a bit more at a time.
With each extra millimetre my moans got louder!
I always call men "bastards" when the fuck my ass i just think they must be to want to do it!
Finally he grabbed my hips more firmly and pulled himself fully into me!
"Oh you fucking bastard!"
"I can be a bastard if you want me too!"
"Go on then fuck me!"

Lets be honest anal sex hurts! But its like pleasure and pain - you want it to be over but at the same time you want it to carry on - thats how i feel anyway.

Joe started to fuck me! Gently at first then harder - the more names i called him the harder he fucked me.
I buryed my head in the pillow praying he'd cum quickly but somehow hoping he never would!
I reached under my body and reached for my clit and started to rub as he screwed me.
The sight must have been too much for him because he let out a load moan and thrust violently into my ass and came deep inside me.
His body went limp but mine didnt - not for another 30 seconds when i finally rubbed myself into heaven with Joe's cock still in my ass!

It was over!!! I collapsed onto the bed!

I won't go into details of the "goodbyes" but i've got an open invitation to return and i might just take them up on it!

rm_steviekh1 46M
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3/14/2006 6:07 am

Each posting gets me feeling horny and horny to the point where I would love a session with you. I would love to cum in your mouth until it's dripping out the corners. Anal sex sounds fanastic with whilst you are wanking. I can just imagine how loudly you would make me scream. Can't wait for the next session.

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