St Patrick's Day Part 2  

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3/27/2006 4:43 am

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St Patrick's Day Part 2

Lewis forced his huge cock into Claire!
I hard heard a muffled cry - like she was taking Johns cock deep into her throat to stop her from crying out!
I tried to keep my mouth on Lewis's balls but he was thrusting in and out of her so fast i couldn't - her moans got louder and louder - she'd never taken a cock so big before!
I still had my knickers on!!!!
Not fair at all!!!
She was getting all the fun!
I moved myself free and looked down at my best friend getting spitroasted - i pulled my own knickers off!!!! and got on all 4s on the bed next to her - i wanted some!
i pushed my ass into the air and got my head down next to hers - she let Johns cock out of her mouth and i took my turn - mmmmmm salty and hard!
We licked the shaft together and took it in turns to take the end in our mouths - Claire moaning loudly all the time from the fucking she was getting - i felt Lewis's hand slap my bottom and his fingers trying to find my tight little pussy.
Finally his finger pushed into my soaking hole - mmmmmm - nice but not what i REALLY wanted!!

In porn films the guys last for ever but in real life 2 guys living their fantasy can't handle it lol
Johns cock was in my mouth and Claire was licking his balls when he came loudly shooting cum into the back of my throat - i grinned - 1 to me! Although it was a joint effort! I turned and french kissed Claire mixing the juice in our mouths!
Claire still had Lewis the MONSTER in her and she wasnt making a very good job of being quiet!
John wasnt the selfish type, he'd cum but he wanted more.
It was "all change"
Within a minute Claire was lying back with Johns head between her legs and i was getting ready for Lewis!!!!!!
Lewis lay back on the bed with his huge cock sticking up!
"Come and ride me!"
I got over there in a second, straddled him and lowered myself onto the end of his cock.
This was never going to all go in was it??
He pushed himself into me a bit more and i started to grind.
I LOVE being on top!!
I grind and thrash around - rubbing my clit on the guy while i'm full of cock - i don't know how long i rode Lewis for but i loved every second - i leaned over his face hanging my boobs into his mouth, grinding away while his grabbed my ass.
when i came it was HARD!! lol
It was just too much - i pussy tightened and i wailed as i came on his monster cock!!!
His grin was as big as mine!!!
He wanted a bit of reverse cowgirl and who was i to deny him!
I turned round and rode him the other way while he played with my ass.
It felt so good and it must have done for him too because the volume levelwent up and i got his hands on my hips forcing him deep inside my as him bucked and shook and came inside my pussy.

"Woohoo!!! You girls are wild"
"Lick her clean girl!"

Claire was being instucted to lick me clean!!!

Not something a lady should be asked but we were drunk, wild Brits abroad!!!

Find out how the night progressed in Part 3!!!

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