Me...............the cum dump!  

dirrrrty_girl 31F
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4/1/2006 5:14 am

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5/13/2006 12:53 pm

Me...............the cum dump!

The biggest compliment a man can pay a woman, in my humble opinion, is to cum because of her - thats how i feel anyway. If i make a guy cum it means i've given him the ultimate - its all down to me.
I suppose guys can shut their eyes and think of someone else while they fuck you but i don't think i'm at that stage quite yet! And because they COULD do that maybe thats the reason i love sex with strangers so much! New sex is ALWAYS exciting!
I've no bad issues with cum either - to me it doesn't taste bad, doesn't hurt you to get it on you (except in your eyes) and is fun to play with - if it wasn't for sexual disease i'd be a total cum dump!! lol
I have a fantasy where i'm used as a cum dump - unlike the others on here this one hasn't come true and won't either lol.

The fantasy runs like this.............

I want to live my fantasy so i place an ad in a paper advertising for guys to help me out with it - a week later i'm waiting in a hotel room naked apart from killer heels when theres a knock at the door!
"Come in!"
My 1st guy enters - just wearing a white towel round his waist.
"So what are you honey?? A leg man?? Bums, tits?? Face??"
"I like a nice ass!"
I giggle and bend over on the bed, head in the pillow, ass in the air - "Well come over here then and remember the rules - you've only got two minutes"
The towel hits the floor, and my man walks over looking at my firm ass wiggling in the air while he tosses off fantically!
Commenting on how gorgeous i am all the time he soon shoots hot cum all over my bum and back.
mmmmmmmm 1 down already!
He leaves through another door and i quickly ring a bell i've got placed at my bedside.
My next man enters wearing the same.
"i'm gonna cum all over your face!"
I'm on all 4s again facing the end of the bed now - my face level with his hard cock - me staring into his eyes and licking my lips.
He wanks furiously looking at me - i flick my tongue out and catch the end of his cock - strictly against the rules but it my fucking game so so what?? lol
Next thing i've got cum all over my face, i lick clean what i can and ring the bell again!
Another face man enters - followed my a tit man!!!
Again and again they come (or cum) tit men, bum men, face men even foot worshippers!
After 20 i feel like a queen - so many men, so many orgasms and all because they think i'm sexy!! They came because of ME!!!!!
I'm covered - dripping in juicy cum - fuck the rules now i need sex!
The next man enters - the most gorgeous yet - "Ass!" he demands!!
"You can break the rules" i offer!!!
Next thing i'm on all 4s (for a change lol) being fucked hard from behind - i cum before he does and when he does it fills my pussy!
Time for permanate rules changes!
I get my lipstick and write "FUCK ME" across my body!
The following guys don't disappoint!
I'm fucked everywhere!
AN hour later i'm a messy, sore, satisfied mess!!!!
My fantasy was even better than expected!!

loadeddice05 44M

4/1/2006 6:24 am

Good luck with that!!!

pet_humility 48F

4/1/2006 6:52 am

New sex is ALWAYS exciting!


rm_Tmusichottie 46M
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5/2/2006 10:51 am

Christ, I'm an every thing about a woman man! Get me to your place, sex slut fiend!
(Hope you're near SE Michigan...) See my blog...send me a fantasy about you in my warm, worn and cum-stained leather jacket.

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