Fight Night Part 7  

dirrrrty_girl 31F
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5/27/2006 5:37 am
Fight Night Part 7

"You did say you were up for anything, didn't you Tash?" grinned Jim
My heart skippped a beat! Oh fuck! what had i let myself in for??? I trusted them though i knew it would only be fun nothing sinister!
Matt pulled out a blindfold.
"If ever you want to stop Babe just say and we will - we've not got anything nasty planned for you anyway though!"
I giggled!
Nervous but very excited!
They led me back to the bedroom - covered my eyes and laid me back on the bed - i heard a kind of clicking noise and suddenly felt cold steel on one of my wrists swiftly followed by the other.
My arms where lifted above my head and my hands where clipped to Jim's bedhead - i was trapped!!!
All theirs!!!
The room went quiet but i knew they were still there.
Someone parted my thighs and i felt a hot tongue flick onto my piercing on my clit hood.
Mmmmmm my body jumped!!! i could smell Matt's aftershave but i wasn;t sure it was him.
Someone started to lick my left nipple - my body jumped again - this was going to be fun!!!

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