A little about me  

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4/28/2006 6:10 pm

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A little about me

Just a little about who I am. Grew up in a family of strippers, mother and both sisters. Dad was a comic. Traveled all over the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe. Lived in Las Vegas, Philly, San Diego, Jacksonville Beach and a Little town in Arkansas no one ever heard of. Spent time in the military and a day in jail. Had airplanes fly just feet over my head and the ocean around me as far as I could see. Broke both my legs and my hip, at the same time. Been married twice, have three children from three different women. Married a bi-sexual stripper and had more 3-somes with her friends then I can count on one hand. Had sex on pools tables in bars, on an aircraft carrier, national monuments and the middle of the road just because I'm a Beatles fan. I've droped acid in a disco in NY city and set in the seats of the Roman Colosseum. Worked for Playboy and turned down a Playmate because she was married, also didn't turn down Playboy models. (I'm of average looks, women just like me and I them). I've been cut, burned and have had loaded guns in my face more times than I can remember. I helped build bombs that were drop on Qaddafi. I've had crew cuts and hair to my ass. I'm 5'11 with hazel eyes and dark brown hair just starting to grey around the temples and I'm not to proud to dye it. Two tattoos you have to ask to see and some body scars from operations and accidents, but none too visible and more scars on my heart that only I can feel. I'm a single parent of one twelve year old boy, I pay child support for a beautiful little girl and have a teenager in college, a place I only went for one semester. I still keep in touch with my best friend from high school and still have a soft spot for my first love. The last two cd's I bought was Alan Jackson and Shaggy, I also love jazz. I always have a book to read and my t.v. is always on. I can't drive without music. I seldom wear a t-shirt in public and I've been known to wear tennis shoes with a suit. Stupidity turns me off, sexual women turn me on, as does a pretty girl with black rimmed glasses. I can come off shy at first and maybe as a bit of a geek, or a complete asshole - until I'm comfortable with someone. I've been told people have never met anyone like me, you decide.

rodneyandsonia 52M/42F

6/12/2006 12:18 pm

What a story!! Hang in there becuase you not the only one!!!

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