There is something to be said...  

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5/8/2005 7:29 am

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There is something to be said...

"There is something to be said for getting sucked dry"

I actually used that phrase on the radio once. It spilled from my mouth during one of my infamous "deja views" on a radio station that I worked at. If I am not mistaken, I was doing an on-air review of the (then current) remake of "Dracula" starring Gary Oldman. Francis Ford Coppola was trying for classicism in film. Memory tells me that FFC failed, and, I was not impressed. But, as an afterthought, I uttered that line. Kinda put a fine point on the whole magilla. It did connote other things though. And that, kids and kidettes, is the crux.

Now, as I am feeling like I have been scammed again (different situation), I still feel that there is something to be said for having your life blood sucked out of you until you are dry.

Our situations will always change. We may experience periods of "I am stuffed like a tick" or "I couldn't eat another bite" or "damn that was great sex" or "I am so happy and in love, I could just shoot myself". We all have highs and lows. Some more than others. Some keep rolling...oblivious to whims and carnage. Some feel the pain of the flower wilting.

Me? I am pretty stable these days. I am solitary in my thoughts. I try to avoid confrontation of the physical nature. I have my dog to keep me company. I have friends (though I never see them as they live elsewhere). I am not rich. I am not poor. Pretty steady.

I could stand a bit of adventure to spice things up every once in a while. But, as the saying goes "nothing ventured, nothing gained". I have not ventured much lately. I have sought a connection in a place or two. Tried to find trustworthy people that do not play games with my head. That has been a miserable failure! Man, some people! My "non venturing" status has been more aligned with funky work schedules than lack of effort. Overall, even though I lack a strong connection to anything but my dog, this forum, a few friends...I am ok. The prospect of filling up looks good for right now. Maybe it's spring approaching.

However, I get the feeling that we (as humans being) will never stop getting sucked dry. Which brings up the age old question..."glass half full/empty"?

I am both.

I am, and always have been, a "searcher". Perhaps that is why I find so much pulchritude and so much ugliness in everything. In the recent past, during an intense period of "searching", I have fallen prey to a couple of "con artists" of the heart and head. S'ok...I got burned. I learned. On to the next...

Am I feeling sorry for myself? Naw! Do I feel the intense hatred and scorn that I would have felt at a younger stage of my life? Naw! I am half empty and half full. I am, in a word "golden"


Nothing is sticking

Which is good.

So, there is something to be said for getting sucked dry. Even when the sharks and "con artists" get a piece of me, I am able to staunch the bleeding and escape with a mere scratch. Wounds heal. The blood replenishes itself in the veins. Voila! I am half full again.

Vampires are everywhere. But, a good dose of the fine wine of "living unencumbered" and a bit of garlic will suffice. I can abide by that. Can you?

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