Protect yourself!  

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12/1/2005 8:06 am

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Protect yourself!

I was thinking today about my first boyfriend. How little I knew and the lessons I learned from him. Being Afrikaans I did not know very much about the English culture and meeting his mother for the first time I committed the ultimate sin of greeting her with a "Hi Auntie".. She was quick to point out that we were not blood related and I should call her Mrs McI....

The very first time he came to visit me I did not know what we were suppose to do. I asked him if he wanted to play? He said yes. He was 16 years old and I was 13. I asked him if he wanted to play house. He blush and say yes. I went and got us each a doll and was just starting to ask what he wanted to do when my mother walked in. She told me you don't play those things with boy's.

He decided to teach me a few other games. We played Teacher and naughty pupil. I was the pupil and he did things to me I never knew teachers would do. His best game was me playing the shoplifter and him being the cop. He always caught me and took me to the cell and I had to pay in kind to get out of the mess.

Other games were playing on the beach that we were shipwrecked. He had built a little shelter in the bushes on the beach. I would lay there in his arms and he would tell me sexy stories and we would daydream about being grown up.

Why am I thinking about him today. It is worlds Aids day. I was thinking about how many young people have died and are still dying everyday in our country of Aids. It is not something that we can just ignore. My boyfriend died when he was 17 years old. No aids related but a car crash. We never grew up together and there are so many young people today that don't know how to protect themselves against the dangers of HIV.

We as parents may find it easier to ignore the fact that our kids, just like us are exposed to unsafe sex and we should teach them and ourselves
to protect themselves.

Today I think as a parent about the young people falling in love and making love and not knowing about the dangers of free sex. We were luck, no Hiv when we were young. Being Afrikaans I still see how afraid my friend are to talk to their kids about sex. Hoping that they will never have sex until they were married. We did not wait - so why should they? It is time to wake up and speak up!

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