First meeting - watch out!!!  

dimples1214 57F
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3/7/2006 6:25 am

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3/29/2006 3:03 am

First meeting - watch out!!!

Patrick met Stacey in a nightclub.
> They enjoyed each other's company very much and at the end of the
> evening Stacey invited Patrick to her place, where they quickly got
> involved in a very passionate and energetic session in bed together.
> Finally, tired and satisfied, they both lay back in the bed and
> snuggled up close to each other.
> After a short while, Stacey began tenderly stroking Patrick's manhood.
> Surprised but appreciative, Patrick comments, "Surely you can't be
> ready for more already?"
> Stacey replies, "No, but every now and then I get a bit nostalgic,
> and miss the days when I had mine..."

freespirtalways 58F

3/7/2006 6:33 am

LOL. The poor guy!!!!

sassybelle21 32F
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3/7/2006 6:46 am

That was funny

rm_deeprydr 41M
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3/9/2006 10:58 pm

Tha'ts just not right, FUNNY! bt not right

dimples1214 57F

3/10/2006 4:23 am

Sorry my kind of Joke!!!!!

Cumalot696969690 33M
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3/15/2006 1:30 pm

Lucky guy!
to have a chic that just wants to keep goin?
wat nite club?maybe i can take her home nextime

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