Answer to deal with a jealous man  

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11/22/2005 10:58 am

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Answer to deal with a jealous man

I found the answer to deal with a jealous man. Only one way. Fuck him until he begs for mercy!!!
Thats what I thought, but I ended up begging for more!

I made sure everything was perfect in the bedroom. Candles glowing, the scent of flowers in the air. Strawberries, cream but first sipping wine together.

We drank wine together, had a shower. I put my nice sexy pink nightie on and then we retired to the bedroom. I tied his hand to the bedpost!

Out came the strawberries and cream. I started placing the strawberries on his nipples and down his tummy and around his firm cock. Then I started spraying cream over them. It was fun and I loved the surprised look in his eyes.

I started licking the cream of him and eating strawberries. By the time I got to his cock and licked the cream of his testicles it was huge. I ate and ate the beautiful cock and just could not get enough. His hands was straining to get loose.... My pussy was acing for that cock.

When I finally untied him, he gave me the best fuck of my life. I don't know who enjoyed it more me or him.

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