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7/22/2005 2:58 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

finally something interesting

Met up with someone i met while chatting.
She was very open and talkitive, but still tentitive twoard getting into any real physical contact.

though.. I think it was running in her mind.

after a few hours of talking.. and some mood lifting laughs. it did come time for a nice neck massage.. now.. i know what everyone says.. 90% of massages end up linking to sex.. well, depends on the massage, and the energy put into it.

in the begining wasn't really trying to pull the turnons, but as it got more and more.. and when the massage oil came out.. it began to grow.. noticibly too.

after a full body massage we went into some oral activities.. her body responded amazingly.. she was soo wet and her cleanly shaved lips slid all around my mouth and face. after she came, and calmed down for a few moments, we went into it again, then she took over for her turn..

wow.. she knew just where to go and how she wanted to do it. she got me crazy, and i thought a few times i would just loose it there in her mouth.. we kept up the pace and switch around positionly for more oral fun times, then came the final push.

i must admit.. i was highly impressed, and hope 2 redo some crzy times in the not so distant future.

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