"The Back Door"  

dickthemdown247 44M
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8/22/2006 9:40 pm
"The Back Door"

I entered through the front door and came, while knocking down "The Back Door"! It was an explosion filled with climatic joy. Oh, did I mention that she licked me, sucked me and demanded that I shove it in her sweet pussy! I said suck it now and without hesitation she attacked with mouth opened and a hand full of balls! My night would get even better when she demanded that I lick and suck her wet clit. I say no problem and with a touch of my tongue and juicy lips she yells, "I am cumming". I begged her to cum in my mouth and on my juicy lips because the thought of having my donut glazed brought out the beast in me. So, I pick her up and we go upstairs. Once upstairs I attempted to fuck her beautiful asshole (after licking it of course). She yells, "baby it is too much"! I would have to settle for fucking the pussy doggy style. I say again, here is where I came, while knocking down "The Back Door".

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