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6/8/2006 12:04 pm

AS TOLD TO HER: (In my dreams of course)
I dreamed that I walked into your house to find u naked in your bedroom. Of course what could I do, so I walked over and kissed you deeply. You pulled my shirt up over my head, then you undid my shorts and let them fall to the floor. You then walked me to the bed with you I could help my self but to look at you knowing what was to come.

I climbed in bed with you kissing you on the lips, then working my way down. I stopped myself just above you shave pink pussy lips. As I started kissing my way back up, you grabbed my cock and slowly started stroking it. I kissed you on the lips again. You started to move to the side, so I followed. You then pushed me on my back and kissed me. You then slowly moved down my body moving at what felt like a snails pace.
When you reached my cock, you slowly took me in. You didn't stay long though just long enough to make me want you to keep going. As you started moving back up, I let my finger do the walking. I slowly started rubbing you clit... and did you respond to that. You let out a moan, so I slipped my finger inside you and slowly started moving in and out.... you rocked back on you heels and just enjoyed what I was doing to you. Within minutes, and had you cumming in my hand. That is when you wanted me inside you... so as you moved forward I slide in, but I didn't let you stay on me long. You was starting to get a little fast. So I slid out and started fingering you again, this time we were both facing each other on our knees on the bed. I kept going into you exploded once more in my hand.

I then laid you down on you back and used my mouth to play for a while where my hand just was. I spent at least 5 minutes just tonguing you as you said slow down, wait, and then lower... I then slipped my finger in while still working my tongue and you moaned and wiggled again you let loose.

Then since you was almost begging at this point I moved forward and slid into you slowly at first, then thrusting as you was enjoying this as much as I was. So I gave it one last trust and laid next to you. You didn't complain at all, but just laid there. You slept of like a little baby. your long hair laying down your smooth back. left tit so large it almost laid beside still pressed firmly to the bed. Your round hard ass sticking up in the air. I could see little sweet moist lips of your love box partially hidden between your open legs. Your pussy lips were swollen from our latest tryst. They parted just enough to see your hole beckoning to be filled. Harder and hared my dick began to grow at the sight of your naked body. I don’t know what came over me next. i jumped on you and slid my dick forcefully into your cunt. i fucked you hard and forcefully, making your cunt my personal little toy. You began to wake up and groan "oh yhea fuck me give it to me. this is the way to wake up" this excited me more, so i slid out of your cunt saying "ok slut take this!" and in one smooth motion was balls deep in your ass, pulling out until only the head remained paused thinking is this wrong, and before i could reply to myself slammmmmm! I was back in again; your ass was jiggling from the impact of our bodies. faster i began to slam your ass. You had a quit moaning & was adjusting to my dick violating your ass. so i pulled all the way out. Pausing I watched u’r ass begin to pucker up. once again i slammed into her ass as far as I could go. you yelleped. I began to pull out slowly. "What are you doing keep it up" "but i am hurting you.... i am sorry" you raised up and turned to kiss me. After a deep kiss you replied "i like to be strait out fucked and treated like a bitch.. Hell i am a bitch and i like to be fucked hard and rough in my ass. no one seems to do it right, every guy goes to softly trying not to hurt me. “Will you fuck me like i deserve make my ass hurt for days." I grabbed your ass cheeks and pulled them apart stretching the skin connecting your ass cheeks. slam! slam! slam! Slam! i began pounding at your ass. Using my 75 kg body like a battering ram I fucked you harder and harder. Every time i bottom out against your ass i could see you shutter from the impact. Letting go of your ass I fell on top of you crushing your body against the mattress grinding my dick deep in your ass. Now as my dick was sliding in and out. i pulled out and slid up untill my dick was laying on the side of your ass cheek. You rolled over and began licking my balls hoping to make me cum. Using my left hand i grabbed you & pulled you up until my dick was between your legs. Reaching between her legs i stretched your pussy & i shoved two fingers up your cunt removing hem i took the moisture and licked them clean then i began to fuck you. With each stroke your mouth opened to groan in release as you came. My balls began to swell i needed to empty them soon. My mouth found your nipple and began to feast on your tit. You moaned and came again. i plumbed your pussy rapidly with my dick nothing soft or sensual just hard core fucking. pulling out of your drenched cunt I rose to my knees. Grabbing your legs I hoisted them high into the air. I could see that your ass began to retake its shape. time for the last round up..u’r ass! I slid it up u’r ass slowly making sure to make every nerve felt this violation, I didn’t want hurt you. After bottoming out i rotated my hips grinding your ass walls & began to fuck it again hard and fast. You screamed for me to go harder. Suddenly your pussy began to spasm, and out gushed a gallon of pussy cum. oh how I wished my face had been down there! as she came her as also spammed hard, that was it cum time. With one last thrust i began to shoot deep into her ass. as the first spurt hit your walls time seemed to slow down. Another shot and another..... With each shot up your ass I would buck and groan. i held fast and spurted at least 10 times. Soon my balls were dry heaving. My dick kept jumping and jerking but i was empty. my dick popped out and your ass just remained opened. I sat there and watched for five min as you came and with one loud groan, near scream out and then you laid still. i was laying next to you. You kissed “ it was the good ass fuck i had” You said.” next time don’t cum in my ass with out my ok. it makes me cum so hard i quit breathing and pass out" I kissed you deeply then watched as you rose to go clean. NEXT TIME? Did YOU SAY NEXT TIME!!!!

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