Day 51  

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8/20/2005 2:52 pm

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Day 51

Ok, I just had to write another blog about the silliness I encounter here.

So I just wake up and decide to check and see if anyone I've responded to has written me back. Instead I find...."You & me getting wet!!!"

OOOOOK, so I go ahead and read the email which basically says "I love to lick big women's pussy lips until they scream for me to stop." Ummm, BIG? Really? That's interesting.

Of course the part the really pissed me off and got this person blocked, reported and deleted was the fact that they sent me a picture of Tim McGraw as their face pic!!! Geez, if you're going to steal a pic off the internet at least choose someone who hasn't had numerous platinum albums!

Ok, moving on to the next email. Some horny old guy contacts me and he's icky so instead of just ignoring him I sent the quick reply of "I don't think there is any chemistry there" which I mean, of course there isn't! *SHUDDER*

I guess I must have hurt his feelings because he sent back a quick reply of "I'm looking for a different body type" LOL Are you really? Good luck with that you icky man. If you were really looking for a different body type you wouldn't have emailed me in the first place. Besides "Blind & Stupid" isn't a body type.

On to my last email which was a reply to the reply I sent this person yesterday. All he said was "I have an STD too. Give me a shout". Whoa, be still my heart. I think I've finally found my prince....NOT. So being the smartass that I am I send "Ummm SHOUT ". Apparently he's not as quick witted as I am and writes back "Are you trying to make a joke?" No I'm not, just trying to get something for my time since all you are trying to do is waste it. SHEESH

ATTENTION: If you want to get a response from someone, be interested in them! Be polite! No chatspeak, use proper English! And for the love of Pete, don't use "Hi" or any of it's versions as your email title! Just a few tips as I might write a blog about this later.

Hope you all enjoyed my rant. Time for me to get ready for work.

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