I did to my wife for 1st anal sex  

dianz 44M/39F
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9/16/2005 12:28 am

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10/4/2008 11:04 am

I did to my wife for 1st anal sex

Tonight, we both in passions. I've got an idea. I discuss to my wife if we'll played bondage sex. My wife is agree, then I took 2 curtain ropes from the curtain and tied my wife hands with these. After that I tied the end of rope to the bed. My wife then ask me what to do next ? I keep silence, then I took Gel and condom put on my penis. I rubbed the gel on condom surface. And the rest I used for her anal. But she's still curios about what to do next. I pick the pillow then I put under her butt with pussy and anal show off to me.

Slowly I inserted my penis to anal, slowly ... after a couples minutes, my penis can inserted fully. She was exciting and what happen next ?
She had Big Orgasm which I only fuck her in anal.

1Chris 50M  
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9/25/2005 4:43 am

Excellent! Lucky wife and lucky you.

rm_icha_bi 41M/37F
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9/24/2006 10:14 am

Sounds like a great sex you have there.

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