My relationship with a young woman (the end or beginning?)  

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10/29/2005 8:51 pm

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My relationship with a young woman (the end or beginning?)

One last message to her, never expected to hear anything. It had been a month since we had talked, except for one aborted phone call, where it appeared she was trying to appologize to me, but never finished the call. But, then she responded. She was back home in the midwest with her mother, family, and real friends trying to get her life together. We talked on the phone almost everyday, and she said she had returned because all of her "friends" turned out not to be friends. She really missedme, and told me she loved me, and wanted to come back to California to see me, that two months away from me has been way too long. She was working as a waitress and working on her portfolio to get into modeling.

We have been talking almost everyday now. Most of the time she calls me, wants to know if I am ok, etc. She can't wait to get back to California. She wants to spend a day at the beach with just me to try get a tan on her pale booty. Late in the week, she told me she just bought a ticket for Sunday (tomorrow 10/30/05) to return to the Bay Area now that her portfolio is ready. She has a telemarketing job and a place to live when she gets here.

The first thing she wants to do is see me. She wants me to take a day off from work and head over to the beach for a day. She has told me she loves me and misses me, and I have told her the same, because I do love this girl. I also asked her if she would accompany me on my next business trip. It was a bold question, and I was not sure how she would react. She has enthusiastically agreed to come along with me when that occurs.

So, this is the end, but also a beginning? Who knows! I could have fucked and/or used her like every other guy that she has met. Disrespected her and used her like a piece of meat. But, not me. I am not the stereotypical male. I saw something deeper in this young woman that others didn't see, her youthful exuberance, her always positive personality, her incredible natural beauty, and her generosity toward others. This a special girl, and I wanted her in my life for alot longer than a single afternoon of physical pleasure. I need her in my life right now, more than anything. She makes me feel young just being around her, hearing her voice, seeing her smile. She needs me too, because she knows I am the ONLY one in her life who really cares for her and is truly a friend.

To be bet for as long as I live!!

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