My relationship with a young woman (part 5)  

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10/26/2005 1:48 pm

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My relationship with a young woman (part 5)

Three days later she called me and said she was in Sunnyvale, and was I free. Well, I was working, but I managed to sneak away. She looked alot different, not all pampered and made up. Completely natural with no makeup. I had mentioned during the first visit that she didn't have to get all vamped up for me, just be natural. This time she wore tight Army pants, and tight top showing her bellybutton. She also had her hair straightened. No makeup either. This revealed to me what a natural beauty she really was. What I like also is she had no piercings or tatoos, which I do not like, just above her ass. That is the only place I like a tatoo on a woman. She gave me a big hug when I arrived, and we layed on bed
again, I held she started to reveal more about herself. The first thing she did was show me her birth certificate. Funny, like maybe she thought I didn't think she was of age. Yup, she was 19, but just barely. She revealed more about her life to me, and about her struggles and frustrations. She still had the bruises too. I told her not to worry, that I would help her with whatever she needed. It was after this
visit, I started "pumping" her with positives reviews on various sites to help her with "business". She even posted some full nude ass shots. Must have been getting desparate or "business" was bad. I even took some shots, as many thought I was a self-promoting pimp. LMAO!! Anyways, it was not long after this that she disappeared. In one day, her phone was disconnected and all her ads gone. I thought, well, that is that, but...

To be continued

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