My relationship with a young woman (part 4)  

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10/24/2005 8:31 pm

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My relationship with a young woman (part 4)

I guess we spent almost 2 hours together during that first meeting. I told her all about my issues with my marriage and the deception there, my father's recent death, how depressed I had been recently. She had such an upbeat personality too, so positive and upbeat with me, with a very youthful voice. Her youthful exuberance rubbed off on me, and instantly made me feel alot better about myself. But, there was an underlying nervousness about her, like she was not in control of her life. I just had a sense of that. But, as the meeting progressed, I became more of a listener, and she really opened up about her life. I asked if I could hold her for awhile, and she crawled over layed against me with her head on my chest, and held her closely as she continued to talk. She gave me her real name, how she had progressed into the "business". She told me about her home, a little about why she was doing what she was doing, her real passion, which was writing poetry and modeling. She so desparately wanted a real place to live again too, wanted to get back to home where her puppy was, but had to move from location to location. I asked why don't you just take a break, and go home for a few days, but she was hesitant to answer. I had sense she was lying about her "business" situation, and didn't want (or couldn't) for her own safety talk about that. With everything she said, plus those bruises I noticed when she first walked in, I started to really feel for this girl, and felt really guilty. What kind of fool was I to throw my issues on her when I could tell she had so many more issues than I could ever imagine. I was now emotionally involved, no turning back, as far as I was concerned. I finally mentioned that I had better get back to work, before I get in trouble, and asked if I could see her regularly. She enthusiastically agreed, and I gave her my number, and told her to call me when she got near Fremont again. She gave me her info also. At this point, I made a decision to try to see her as much as possible, and do whatever I could to help this girl have a better life.

To be continued....

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