My relationship with a young woman (part 3)  

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10/23/2005 5:27 pm

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My relationship with a young woman (part 3)

She started walking toward me with a smile, still talking on the cellphone, and asked my name. She said she was about to leave, had knocked on the wrong door because she forgot the room number. But, I didn't really hear any of that, because at this point I was trying to pull my jaw off the floor. Walking toward me was the most sexy, incredibly cute, and unique looking young woman, I had ever seen in my life. As I let her in, I could not take my eyes off of her. So much better in reality than her pictures. I had never seen someone so cute, but yet so sexy too. And did she smell good too, the scent of Chanel intoxicating me as she walked past me into the room. She set her purse on the bed and sat down in the chair. How can I describe her: from the waste up, a young girl, from waste down all woman. She looked no more than 16 or 17 in the face, brown eyes very close together, button nose, pudgy cheeks, small pointed chin, nice white teeth (larger on top) which accentuated her smile, thin lips, except full on the bottom in the middle, wavy, silky brown hair, hi-lighted in blonde. Her upper body, very small and petite, small breasts (like they weren't fully developed yet, could she be only 16 or 17?), pudgy arms, small hands, and very small waist (not an ounce of fat there), which was showing nicely because she was wearing a tight white top that ended just below her breasts. Her lower body though, that is where she was all woman. She had very very tight hip-hugger jeans on, and within them was her best asset, a very very meaty, round, tight, booty, ass, rear end, whatever you want to call it, it was something to behold, something any redblooded man would want to get behind. Incredible!! It was something she had focused on in her posts too, but who thought it would be true, since many escorts, I have heard, build themselves up, only to be a let down when you see them in reality. She also had very smooth olive skin, and in this visit I could see bruise marks on her arm shaped like hand prints, as if someone had gripped her hard and hurt her at some point recently. I couldn't quite figure out her nationality, sometimes she looked Italian, other times somewhat latina. All I know, is that I was one lucky guy to have her in my room now, but I wasn't ready to fuck her right away (she might be underage anyway), and even if that was the service she was offering. I wanted to know more about who she was first, and I told her I had never called or seen an escort before, and I was married and very very nervous, and could we talk first. She said she was nervous too and had just started escorting this week. She looked scared too, with a nervous smile probably wondering what I had in store for her. When I said to her that I wasn't sure I was ready for this, and that I wanted to talk, that seemed to break the tension for her and I, like I had just let the air out of a balloon. She moved over to the bed where I was, sat down, and opened up saying she loved to talk just as much as...well you know what, even more so. And that was what I needed right now too, a friend, anybody, someone to talk to about my life. Who would have known, that is what she needed also.

To be continued...

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