My relationship with a young woman (part 1)  

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10/19/2005 7:55 pm

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My relationship with a young woman (part 1)


I am a 44 year old male, professional, very well off financially and have been faithfully married for almost 20 years. Still am to this day (barely)!! However, I made a detour in my life earlier this year, and did something completely out of the ordinary for my personality. A single phone call to a random young woman changed my life (and hers) for the better and lead me down a path I never thought I'd be going. What I have done, and am doing, I have no regrets. But let's start from the beginning.....


Back late in 2004, a certain event in my marriage put me in a depressed funk. You could say it set off a middle age crisis if you want, and I won't be offended at all. All I can say, I was not feeling very good about myself and life in general at this point. This leads to early 2005, where by accident during a google search (I think the term I searched for was "naked short" ), I stumbled into the world of online escorts. Oh yes, a bad combination: me depressed, and women online easily available for companionship for a nominal (in my budget) fee. I became obsessed in my spare time looking at these sites and the posts. Just for entertainment for the first month or so, and I was sure that's all that it would be, because with my cautious nature, I would never actually call one of these girls...until a young girls post on craigslist caught my eye. In her description, she stated she was 19, Italian/Spanish, petite, fun. I could not get over how beautiful, cute and innocent she appeared, and became smitten. Now, I know about photoshop, and was wondering if these could have been doctored as many ads are. There is no way she could look this good in real life. But, I kept looking for her posts each day where she would advertise, new pictures showing every few days or so. At this point, I had reached a very low point in my life, and stepped out of myself for the first time, and decided I had to meet this I called her number.

To be continued...

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