Honesty and fun go hand in hand?  

diamondgal2 51F
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3/17/2006 8:53 am

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7/25/2007 1:37 pm

Honesty and fun go hand in hand?

Well, not sure how this works, but I just feel I have to get some thing off my chest.
Like most on here, I'm on this site for some fun..for one reason or another I'm not happy at home, but dont want to upset the apple cart, so seek it, as I see it harmlessly, elsewhere, ie with the help of AdultFriendFinder.

From there, I find myself some nice fuck buddy's, none I've ever complained about...may be I should with some but then I'm too soft to.

Then.. Wham..come Christmas time, by pure default, I find a guy that is very close in distance to me, I meet up, and we have some wonderful sexual adventures, from toys to squirting,to multiples, to picutre taking, even to threesomes wi my good female friend!! you name it, we enjoyed each other.

But from the start I've been honest, He knew I met others from the site...That's half the fun, and I expected the same honesty back.
But ye, you guessed what happened..for no reson, well no explained reason to me...it stopped, just a few brief text with some feeble excuses why we couldnt meet, when we had sorted time off to specifically meet..But I never got an honest answer as to why the fun was stopping.

Doesnt this just re iterate why I believe in honesty...I shouldnt be feeling this way, it was only ever fun, but now I'm left with "what did I do wrong" ..or " did He find some one else?"..
fine, I aint gonna cry over any of these answers, but I would've apprecited honesty?

Just remeber that next time you meet some one who you believe was a mistake? tell them...we are all here for sexual fun..if you want more..join a match making site, not a sex site..but be truthful

Sorry if I rambled, but it's been bugging me!

feathertouch71 45M
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3/17/2006 9:52 am

Hi diamondgal2
I believe honesty is the best policy, as you well know some guys just don't listen no matter what the subject! from what you've said it sounds like he couldn't handle you being with other guys even if you have told him but hey thats his problem, although he should of been respectful and given you a honest reason! anyway it's more his loss than yours. keep your head and keep smiling. take care!

rm_Keystone3812 65M
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3/17/2006 10:16 am

I feel your pain, Gal. Read my last post, you'll understand why.

diamondgal2 51F

3/18/2006 4:23 am

O dont worry, I'm not letting it get me down..no way...I never do the love thing and feelings..the only feelings I want are sexual. I like to get on with some one and have a good laugh it makes the sex more fun..and that's why I like to be honest.

I dont think me seeing other guys ever bothers any one I see, they can see from my testimonial that I like to have (careful) fun, its the not being truhtful in return that really gets me...But hey life goes on..and I shout "next" Like my profile says, life is too short!!!

bigknob1958 52M

3/25/2006 5:36 am


roberteastanglia 56M
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3/31/2006 5:49 am

Why apologise about rambling, at least people know where they stand , i appreciate honesty. I too are on this site for discreet daytime fun , nothing heavy or serious ,but as long as both ( or should that be ALL parties ) are happy - thats all that matters. I am really looking forward to meeting diamondgal ! mmmm cant cum quick enough - oops that sounds wrong !! lol

rm_Tireless319 54M

4/18/2006 8:13 am

Honesty is always the best policy, and yes the guy must be mad to leave that beautiful body of yours alone, I could be very happy with my face buried in that lovely behind

bufforpington 59M
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6/12/2006 6:39 pm

Some people don't understand the term fuckbuddy.

Luckily I have one. Unluckily I've only seen hertwice this year. It's fun but a little infrequent. The relationship is open and honest. We both want nothing but the fun of great, satisfying, sex. We'd never make it as a couple because we are too diverse in our lives

There's only one thing that could get in the way of that. Someone else with whom honesty would be, well let's say, fraught with problems. Wife, new girlfriend.. You know the score.

Now.. Perhaps you can answer me a question.

As the price of membership of this site is around the same as insuring my garage bound motorbike. ( ex wife, son at university blah blah blah) how the hell do I circumvent the rules and get in contact with people?

I assure you that I would insure the bike if I could justify it.Likewise I'd join this site but as the posts seem to be few and far between........


diamondgal2 51F

6/16/2006 3:12 pm

A fuck buddy is all most want from here....add to it honesty and no strings...its the perfect solution to many people's hectic , other wise sex less life...that's all I want..or need...

As for the question how to make contact... you have to just take the bull by the horn..join..and have as much fun as I am... not, I believe so easy for you guys... but we women do get a lot of time wasters too....go on...more fun than riding a bike... m ind you..just think of all thso leather clad men.....yummy....

rm_si4it 44M

6/18/2007 5:10 am


As I am about to have my first meet with someone form this site I under stand were you are coming from. we have said that we will see how the first meet goes and take it for there.
As we are both married and working it takes a lot of time to sort these meets out , so i don't get it why ppl mess other ppl around?

hope we might be able to meet at some point.

have fun !!!!

chatsmyboy2 48M

7/23/2007 1:22 pm

Diamond, i have the great pleasure of both having met you and of enjoying your honest, kind attitude. Sex and emotion go hand in hand. I have in the past told you of several experiences whereby women I have met have got in too deep. honesty between us has made sure no harm has been done.
Having said that i have met a woman on this site, a 'fuckbuddy' and we have cannot avoid the fact that we have emotionally become involved. I am very happy i met her, im very happy we care a lot for eachother. you know the story diamond and still it has no conclusion either way.
The crime your fella has committed has been his deception/ dishonesty. Falling for eachother is just a hazard.Knowing your strong, warm and kind personality, we can rest assured that he is the one losing out my good friend.
Chats x

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