The drama continues.......  

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1/18/2006 9:20 pm

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The drama continues.......

As you guys know, my recent posts have been about my friends. Well, gues what, this one is too. But it's the last one, I promise, well, I assure you, for now. First off, the asshole male friend of mine, didn't call me back and I didn't crash his party. A couple of days, months or weeks of the silent treatment, will do the trick. Have you ever given one of your friend's the silent treatment???

Next, one of my female friend's is hating on me. Isn't that soooooo young-minded. She is actually jealous because I date guys that are more attractive than the guys she dates. What??!! I don't understand either. This is how it happened, one day she called me and was talking about the guy she was screwing off of the nameless site, mentioned in my previous blog. Well, she felt the need to tell me that he isn't my type and if I was to meet him, I would be like ugh. What???!!! OMG this bitch needs to get a life. How can you be jealous of your so called best friend. I don't even want to continue on with this bullshit that she is on. Next.

The girl who I have been trying to get down with, wants to meet up this friday at a hotel. It's cool with me. But, the question is, will she cancel or will she actually come through this time. If she doesn't I have a backup. Another female that I have been emailing and talking to on the phone, is showing some serious interest in the diamonddiva, so I will she if she wants to get together on friday, just in case ms. cancel-a-lot cancels.

Can someone please save me from this drama. The stuff above is just half of what is going on. Tune in next week to see what happens.

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