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12/7/2005 9:58 pm

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Assorted Thoughts

Why is it soooooooooooo cold in chicago right now. Damn, I feel like getting a fake mink comforter for my bed,it's so cold. Maybe what I need is someone to keep me warm, who knows. But burrrrrrrrr, it's cold here. Maybe someone will send me a gift basket with tea and hot chocolate in it.

It's party time again!!!!! My niece is turning 21, this weekend. Yes, my niece will be 21 and I am 25, odd I know. But anyhow, it made me think about when I turned 21. My 21st birthday sucked. It was so horrible. People said they were going to celebrate with me and we were going to do this thing and that thing, and the shit didn't happen. So, I am going to really help her celebrate turning 21. Ages 16 and 21 are the ages, where you need to have a huge celebration, some people are fortunate to have great celebrations and other's are left looking like what happened. But, it's fine, I am going to relive the moment with her. It will be odd to see how drunk we get. Even though I don't, it will be something the next day, when it's all said and done. Of course, I will let you guy's know how it went.

I finally got a wink. Also, wanna show love to the people reading my post and checking in daily, to see what I have posted. It's so cool.

Ok, it's time for me to get under my blanket. It's soooooo cold y'all. Help warm me up.

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