My Encounters Part 2  

diamondangel5 47F
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5/20/2005 9:30 am

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My Encounters Part 2

4. Well that was a strange one…. How did it start?…Oh yes, I liked the way this guy wrote. He was not what I was looking for, not sexually but you know, he was just so nice..
He was hesitant to send me a photo so I let it go…. He wrote “… it’s not a problem if you don’t like me physically. We’ve had such great conversation.. let’s meet anyhow.” So I agreed. I knew exactly who he was. He had described himself as tall, very well built, greyish hair, dressed in a nice suit…Sounds like a hunk ,right? Wrong! He was exactly what he said but he forgot to mention he was badly aged and had hair in his ears. He looked like he could be my father. Not only but he did not smell very nice. I don’t want to say it but I will, Oh man, he stunk! Phew!! (You know, if you want to make a good impression on a woman, at least take a shower!) Again, he was very nice, a gentleman. So we sat down and started to talk. Well… not even 5 minutes passed when I found out that in his past life he must have been an octopus.
He had his hands everywhere, in public, in broad daylight. We had never had this kind of conversation. We talked about general stuff, nothing really sexy, because like I said he was not my type. I was frozen. I really didn’t know what to do. I started thinking to myself…It is your own fault on a sexy adult site what do you expect? So I just sat there and said … “you know I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear but I am really not interested in anything sexual..” He mumbled something and just kept on touching every chance he got.
I felt violated but at the same time, frozen. So I made up an excuse and left. Before I ran off he tried to kiss me. No, not the Italian two kisses on the cheek thing. A kiss on the lips, I was like “I don’t think so!!”
Sorry, but you know chemistry is very important! If I don’t like the way a man smells he won’t be seeing much of me. When I got home I changed my profile to… “I like touching when the feeling is right!”

LordsBitedStood 64M
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5/20/2005 12:02 pm

Sorry to hear that you were so abused for being nice. Just because this is a sexually related site, should not open the door for any activity that is not appropriate on a first date unless you two have agreed to it. This is why there are so many women on here that tease more than actually meet, because there are so many jerks on here expecting that they are automatically getting sex just cause she wants to meet. This takes normal gentleman as my self and puts us at a serious disadvantage when getting to know some of you. Most of you women judge us by our actions and when there are a few you run into that act disrespectful we all get lumped into that boat. If they would learn to respect these women here just as they do their mom then we all might be having more fun times together and some extremely great mind blowing sex. Sorry there are a few that just still think they are in high school with gray hair, LMFAO. Hope you find a beter friend next time and a better experience when you do.

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Priapeo 46M

5/23/2005 2:18 am

Mmm, damn italians!!! Looks like they enjoy an un-deserved fame. Pls Angel, insert a positive experience before part 5 or i'll be convinced to ask for a british passport.

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