My Encounter: The Oops Encounter  

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9/16/2005 2:48 am

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My Encounter: The Oops Encounter

I must have misnumber my Encounters.I forgot to write about the Encounter I tried to forget.I'm writing about it because things like this happen,therefore can be useful to someone else!

After a few emails, exchanging photos and a few chats,we exchanged numbers... We spoke a few times and had many interesting points,I thought, in common. We decided to meet at a little bar half way between his city and mine.
I had arrived and was waiting in my car. I didn't see anyone where we were supposed to meet. So I phoned him. He asked me where I was,he must have been doing the same thing I was doing,waiting to see me before coming out in the open.. I told him where I was and he was like ok,I see you. I couldn't see anyone,so I started to feel a bit strange. I got out of my car and a man who didn't look anything like the picture started walking towards me..
He wasn't even smiling. He said Hello and I was like,"Hi you don't look like your picture" He said "You didn't seem like the type that was interested in looks" and mentioned he had been going through a rough time. So I was like "oh??" and felt uncomfortable for making the comment. We went into the bar, he ordered grappa for 2. I was like "I'll have a tea, thank you". He hardly spoke and never smiled. There was something erie about him or maybe it was just the situation. We finished our drinks and I just felt like I needed to leave. There was no chemistry on my part and I thought on his part as well. He asked me when we'd meet again but I just couldn't see that happening again. I didn't know what to say so I just said "we'll see". The next day, he called me asking me when we'd meet again. I made an excuse and told him I'd email him.I'm not good at this sort of thing in person. The following day I wrote him an email.I confessed that I didn't think there was any chemistry so I didn't see the point in meeting again. He called me shortly afterwards "saying I was rude and that I just liked wasting people's time.." I felt guilty because I hadn't told him how I felt the day that we had met but at the same time I didn't feel comfortable doing so.
This happened early in my new dating on line experince. Somewhere in the fisrt 5.
After this incident, I avoided exchanged numbers,before meeting the person. Some people can just be so different in person. I felt as if I had been out with a totally different person and the whole situation was just plain ol' uncomfortable... So be aware..

MaximusITA 36M

10/17/2005 2:54 am

You know what: maybe you have been a little bit untrue by not telling you what you felt, yet he has been untrue to anyone on this site!
I put my face in my picture, you put your ass, but we both put OUR fisionomy in the pictures, not someone else's.
Respect to you, shamo on him.

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