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9/1/2005 12:45 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


I was just thinking. When we are super angry at someone, to the point we don't even want to hear their name because it makes us uneasy we can say WE HATE them...but what about when we wake up one morning and realize we don't even care about hating the person anymore. Their name doesn't cause anger, you are totally indifferent to them. No emotion whatsoever. NONE! A dead cat on the road would cause more emotion than that same dead person on the road. At that point, can we say we forgave them?? Or, is it that Indifference is just worse than hate?? I was just thinking about that this morning....

nightstalker172 36M
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9/11/2005 11:48 am

I think being indifferent isnt forgivness to that person, but it is showing that you have moved on and that person has no hold over you emotionaly. It also could be that you are being indifferent to said person because your hatred for them has gone to a new level. Now you despise them so much you show to them that you dont care. In an effort to hurt them back. That to me is still hatred and thus you are still showing emotion to that person. You are saying however that you wouldnt care if that person was dead. A cat you dont even know means more to you than that person. That to me isnt indifference thats still hatred. You hate them so much you dont care what happens to them. Thats still emotion you are just hiding it better. Just my thoughts from someone who is kind of in the same situation with the hatred towards someone because of being hurt.

Priapeo 46M

9/20/2005 7:20 am

Yes. In my opinion the answer is yes. I remember one day, in the first years of university one day, when chatting with friends the discussion came to a point where one asked what was the opposite of love. One of us answered "indifference", and that really struck me as real.

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zorba_il_greco 40M

10/10/2005 8:18 pm

I'm just starting to have the same feelings, but I'm still afraid to loose that person. well actually I'm not ready to hate that person yet.
what a shit!

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