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What’s A Nice Girl Like Me Doing On A Site Like This?

About me:
I am NOT looking for casual/anonymous encounters or even “friends with benefits.”

If you are still reading, I joined AdultFriendFinder, as opposed to traditional “dating” sites, because I place special emphasis on the physical side of a relationship. I’m pretty open-minded and un-conventional when it comes to sex, that can be intimidating to the average male. As you might have guessed I’ve got attitude, personality, and cleavage to spare. Sometimes I’m bold and ballsy, and sometimes I’m shy and demure. Always I’m EXTREMELY independent, confident, friendly, respectful, know how to behave in public, funny, kind, adept socially, educated, gainfully employed, smart about some things. Hopefully I’m a lot more fun-loving than I sound here, I just want what I want … and I’ll do without before I settle. I’m a large woman but I take damned good care of myself from my clothes, and hair, and shoes (I got some mighty sexy shoes!) I’m not looking to get extremely serious right away, but would not be opposed to that in the future with the right man. Right now, I keep myself busy with my career, volunteer work, friends, and enjoying this life I’ve created. I’m single, with no children or pets, so I’m able to be pretty spontaneous ‒ so let’s go! Wow, I sound just about perfect huh? Well, I’m not … just your normal, non-psycho, sex-loving girl looking for the same in a man!

If you’re looking for girls-gone-wild, a sure thing, need a woman to make you feel better about yourself (or impress your friends), or are the “get it, hit it, and quit it type” ‒ don’t contact me!

Ideal Person:
Given my choice of a handle, you’ve probably figured I’m not your average, everyday girl. I do enjoy the heck out of a penis, but I want to be most attracted to the man it is attached to. I don’t ever want to be involved in a sex-less relationship or one where the sex has become stale, or ho-hum. I want a partner who is confident and secure enough in himself to explore and try new things as a couple, to keep the sex interesting and satisfying. Notice I’ve not mentioned any physical characteristics, I try not to be shallow but I do find myself attracted to certain types. He should be current and take care of himself mentally, physically, financially and emotionally. (FYI, like most women, one of the first things I notice about a man is his shoes.) Seriously, he should be able to hold up his end of the conversation, be funny, smart, have social skills, a nice personality, single, fairly clean cut ‒ all that combined with a masculine edge ‒ oooooohhhh that will drive me wild! He is confident enough to meet women in face-to-face settings (after all, allegedly that’s why we are here), and his real-life personality very closely matches his online personality. He’s creating his own life, not waiting for a woman to bring him one!

Iloveitdontyou 32M

8/9/2005 1:31 pm

you sound like your a sight to see, and your characterizationis wonderful, keep on writing, I want to hear what girls have to say, someday, Im going to sweep one off her feet

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