Nudie pics lost in a Red State  

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5/16/2005 11:30 pm

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Nudie pics lost in a Red State

I'm an insomniac from way back ... but tonight I have reason to stay up and worry.

I keep all my really "interesting" pics on one of those portable usb things ... a jump drive or a thumb drive ... whatever ... The point is ... I've lost it ... and I didn't have it protected with a password.

Heaven only knows where it is ... but needless to say ... whoever finds it and looks at it is going to get an eye full. I live in a Red state, where the state-sanctioned position is missionary, at night, with the lights out, with your eyes closed. I've got pics on there of actions that go against the laws of God and in some cases, nature even. I'm definitely into "capturing the moment" so I can say "been there, done that, and have the pics to prove it." Well I did, until I lost my thingy ...

it's not at my house ... it could be at work ... but I work with all men, so surely had one of them found it ... he'd be looking at me in a whole different way ...

If someone from work does find it .. I guess I could use it to enhance my career ... it worked for Paris Hilton, and Tommy & Pamela ... but then again, theirs were videos .. and as far as I know ... mine are all present and accounted for.

So you know what this means to you fellow members .... no more interesting pics for a while .... sorry.

sexfriend1963 53M

6/30/2005 11:00 am

Bet that wasn't a good feeling.... Ever find it?

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