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4/6/2005 12:41 pm

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I had to laugh at my profile, because of how far I strayed from "looking for a bi-sexual girl". After reading all I can think was "man, all I want is everything EXCEPT a single guy!" *laughs* I guess it's because I want kinky crazy sex, or that it's pretty easy to find just a guy in Lima, Ohio, but it's hard to find a guy who wants to um.. suck another guy off and let me watch? LOL Don't get me wrong, I love men, and I love it when you guys send me pictures of yourself. Having a boyfriend means I don't really need another "single guy", it's weird. He's okay for the group sex thing but he doesn't want to be involved. We've been together for about 4 years now.. he's not into sex a whole lot *LOL* I have to actually beg him for anal sex but he's not into that kind of thing, we still haven't did that (I have with a previous ex, I've only been with 3 guys so I'm not that big of a player..hahah)... I shouldn't complain though, personality wise he is great and he calls back *LOL*

Hee hee, I love going to college.. I'm kinda older than the kids there, I'm 22 going on 23.. there are a lot of fresh young students that just graduated high school. The guys are HOT! My college has a section where guys can get a degree in mechanics, so we have a lot of car guys...and I haven't seen one yet that I didn't like.. anyways, yesterday I was in English class and sat down in the middle of the table. Class rooms are kinda small and are filled up with 35 people in it, we actually have to take chairs out of rooms to fit people in! Anyways, sat down in 2nd chair (there are 3 chairs to a table in English class) and one guy sat on my right..and another sat on my left. Guess what? They didn't have their English book heh heh heh, so I shared mine.. it was great.. man I feel like a pervert.. I can't help it, now I always make sure to sit in the middle There are a few cute girls that seem to "swing that way" but most of them have an attitude.. I can't see how they can get by in life that way. Being constantly stuck up with your nose in the air? How can that be fun when you think you are better than everyone else in the classroom? How can I tell? Because they freaking talk about people they don't like RIGHT in front of them! Man I thought the high school drama would stop before college! I have a lot of time to kill because I have a hour between some classes, so I hear all of this in the wreck room they have. I sit there and become a book worm, I'm not really a social person to the point where I start a conversation with strangers... but with girls like that, who would want to talk to them? Scary!

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4/8/2005 6:33 pm

I like your hope you keep writing.

bubblegumcumfuck 34F

4/14/2005 3:08 am

Hey sweetie, great blog! I totally know what you mean about college. I've been in school six years (I graduate in May with my Masters) and I have enjoyed ever sexond of it! When I realized I could have sex anytime I wanted to when I got to EKU, I was doing it constantly with so many different partners. Anyways, I don't need to write a blog in your blog, so I'll shutup.

You rock!

ExcitedSenses 38M

4/21/2005 12:46 am

if you don't have a man at some point, i'd love to be helping you out

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4/29/2005 7:48 pm

great story. you should update more often =]

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5/4/2005 2:01 pm

Yeah College is the #1 party central place in the world next to a RAVE party. What more can you get out of blowing your parents money trying to make it at the 8am class with a 2am hangover and your panties still wet from doing a few guys that night. Sex, Booze, Drugs and Experimentation free of charge from your parents. Yeah............. isn't life grand!!! isn't it..!!?

rm_hotwetnwild1 43M/40F
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5/4/2005 2:17 pm

Oh btw my wife and I love to read your Blogs and let me tell you something. She loves the Anal. I bang all her holes and tap her ass so hard she won't shit straight for a week. Thats how good she likes it. Being a pervert is normal. Most people choose to keep it within themselfs. Especially now that everyone is sueing everyone for money cause their offended of gross sexual comments or flirtations. If the don't like it walk away sheesh!!! But then again I bet they are just as turned on about thinking about it. Their nuerotic thinking about having sex with others in their head wether its at work or in their dreams I bet they are masturbating behind closed doors. Everyone has a little pervertedness <? Is that a word or I made that up?> in them. Most choose to keep it in the closet. As for your BF dump him he is not gonna change his ways. If he thinks having you and another one of your GF in bed with each other and himself is gross then honey he has a major problem. Every freaking guy would "Kill" <Metaphoricly speaking> to have more than 1 women in bed with them. And if he thinks anal is gross... honey I think most guys will fuck any hole in a women just to get their tickle themselfs as long as its a woman and she's decent. Your such a poor poor baby deprived of your sexual inhibitions. I feel for ya. My wife is looking for her first 3 some with another women. She has friends that touch and flirt and kiss but none have lived up to take that walk on the wild side. hehehe.

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