hey you all  

devilsfuckangel 30F
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9/12/2005 11:58 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

hey you all

everyday that i wake up i guess is just another day that stuff could go wrong but thas life right?
besides latey things on a day to day havent been that bad, as long as i dont think to much!!!!
cuz if i do that hen my past hits me in the face and i go off the deep end really quickly. more so than other ppl do that i have meet. i guess thats my fate. i am happy on one levelbut underneth it there is an anger, a haterd and unhappy thoughts and emotions.

rm_luke69iner 48M
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9/12/2005 7:23 pm

You have good reason for your anger, hatred and unhappy thoughts and emotions

life isn't bliss
life is just this
it's living

whatever that means

"You kept from thinking and it was all marvellous."
~Ernest Hemingway~

S'io credesse che mia risposta fosse
A persona che mai tornasse al mondo,
Questa fiamma staria senza piu scosse.
Ma perciocche giammai di questo fondo
Non torno vivo alcun, s'i'odo il vero,
Senza tema d'infamia ti rispondo

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