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7/2/2005 11:10 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


I spent the day+night with my friend from NC yesterday and, in a rare occurence, I'm at a loss for words. She was FUCKING INCREDIBLE, as in INCREDIBLE FUCKING, to say the least.

This is normally my favorite part, replaying what happened in my mind, writing it out here or on paper, getting lost all over in it again. but my head is still swimming. I've never had anything like what she and i shared last night. it was beautiful.

I have trouble letting go completely, but not last night. i was uninhibited, normally i can't do it with the lights on but i didn't even notice. we were rough and wild, and we were soft and gentle. She was so multi-orgasmic, it drove me insane. at one point she came so hard her pussy clinched up and forced me out of her, it was amazing. i've never felt anything quite like that.

we were like adam and eve, it was so beautiful and so primal. And we're not done yet! it's going to take a new turn, because i'm going to turn myself over to her tonite, and she will teach me about BDSM.

I cannot wait...

ingenue29 41F

7/4/2005 7:31 am

cheap on the details.not like you! more details please. hehe

devilinchains 40M

7/4/2005 8:50 am

hi lisa

it was the best i ever had. and coming from me that's something special lol. she satisfied urges in me i can barely admit i have.

we did it 3 times a night, 3 nights in a row. we couldn't keep our hands off each other, i have never been so hot for a woman. she feels so good, her body was just like a drug to me, and i couldn't get enough of her.

sometimes it was so soft and sweet, kissing every inch of her, caressing her body all over. sometimes we were like animals, slamming and grinding like mad, we made each other sore. the last time i was so swollen i couldn't belive it got so hard again! i swear it's bigger now than it was...

i normally have a lot of trouble enjoying getting oral sex from a woman, i don't quite know why. it's hard to be so vulnerable i guess, so out of control. it wasn't like that for me with her. i surrendered to her completely, and she took me to the edge of heaven with her mouth. shivers up my spine just thinking about it...

it was very intense sex, we did all the things you'd expect.we did every position you've seen in the porno movies. after licking her gorgeous ass she demanded i fuck it, no lube, which she got an orgasm that was beyond intense from. we teased each other orally late into the night, we played a little with the whips too. it was crazy sex.

but that wasn't it at all. towards the end, the last few times,it wasn't sex. it was making love. there was a connection like i've never felt with anyone. it was special and it was beautiful, she means so much to me. she's my baby. i will love her always.

MizBeautyful 42F

7/4/2005 10:12 pm

aaaaaaaahhhhhhh, yes...beautiful....and comfortable....and amazing.....and awe inspiring....and just right. Sooooo many details left out...but don't fault him too much...I am sure he finds himself in the same blurry haze that I find myself in...kind of looking around, wondering what just hit me and when can I get it to hit me again....who would have ever, ever known that it would have become THIS....THIS became one of those experiences that will never fade into the blur of all the other's...this is the one that all others are compared too from this day forward....and I fear the standards set by this experience will be too hard to overcome for those eager to top it...When something like THIS becomes the kind of give up interest in trying to find anything that would rise above it. HA...the effort THAT would take!!!! LOL

GOD...what an experience you have given me...I think the only one that will ever be able to top you.

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