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4/7/2005 6:40 pm

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why i

i had just had it. everytime i find a woman who will fuck me even tho i'm married, there's always some string attatched. they want love or they want money, invariably. i don't want to give either. i've never been any good at lying,that's a problem too. i won't lie and say i'm going to get divorced and i don't lie in the beginning by saying i'm seperated or some such shit. that right there makes it hard to find people. i have needs that extend beyond one person for the rest of my life. "what a pervert, what a bastard, what a piece of garbage" you think. whatever. at least i admit it.

Drama, no good for me. Girls crying calling my house. it's no way to live. isn't there anyone out there like me? someone who just wants to be dirty, to be naughty? i found an ad for some party line. i called it. it was cheap and it seemed worth a shot, so i recorded an ad. in it i was as blunt as i am in my profile about who i am and what i want: sexual stimulation, nothing more. i waited to see if anyone would answer it.

the first couple days i got a lot of messages from women who wanted to sell me some pussy. a lot of people don't realize that there are many levels of prostitution. it's not just the broken down women you see in the streets offering to blow you for 20. it starts there and it moves right on up to the escort services that adsvertise in windsor papers, 300$ an hour for your dreams to come true. in between that are the chicks who work the party lines, all you need is a throw away cell phone and you have what tricks want: safety. who wants to get caught in an alley with a hooker by the cops.

the idea of being a trick doesn't really offend me, but it's not what i'm looking for. i think i would feel pathetic in such a role, having to pay for it. i didn't respond to any of the pros who called. i had some pride.

a week later i figure the whole thing is a bust, but i call one last time to check my mail box. to my suprise there's a message from a girl who says i sound like just what she's in need of. she leaves a number for me to call. she sounds nice, and more importantly, genuine. i call her that night.

She's very nice on the phone and the conversation is brief. she wants me to meet her in the parking lot of a meijer's near her house. i can't belive it. i don't even have to buy her dinner? it can't be this easy. i agree to meet her at the time specified.

on my way there i'm sure this is fake. she's probably another ho who's gonna qoute me a price the minute we meet. she's a 14 year old kid or a bored houswife who isn't going to show up because it's all a joke. She's got some guys waiting in ski masks with bats ready to roll me for my wallet when we get around the corner. it can't be this easy. when i get there she's no where to be found. i'm early, but the designated time arrives, expires, still no sign of her. i knew it.

i'm about to head for the nearest tittie bar to drown my sorrows when in walks a girl in the blue and white sweater my gal is supposed to be wearing. "J?" she asks. suprise, suprise. i say hello and i get a look at her.

She's not ugly, in fact she's kind of pretty. her hair is kinda long and curly brown and she has brown eyes. she's shorter than me and she's pretty overweight. Not like circus fat-lady-fat, but definitely fat, beyond what you'd call chubby. the impression i get is of the girl at work who you like because she's nice but in no way are attracted to. and not even because she's ugly, it's just she's shy and you don't think of her in a sexual way. she's not unattractive tho. maybe it's just the excitment but i am totally rock hard and ready to fuck this lady right here. i play it cool, as is my way.

We sit in her car and we talk a bit. i'm quiet and carefully checking to see if she's on the level.we get the obvious out of the way, we find esch other attractive. she says she doesn't have a boyfriend and she has been without sex for quite a while. She says she's looking for a fuck buddy, would i be interested? too much of a commitment, i say. i'm leaving town for next week aside from my domestic situation. maybe just a one night stand she asks? i'm down but we can't go to my place. can we go to hers? when i ask she looks a little flustreed. she says something about a sick roomate or something. i pick up traces of deception. either she lives with her parents or she has a boyfriend. unfazed, i say what to do then? she says she knows a motel with hourly rates nearby. says she went there after prom many years ago. i belive her. i can tell from her nervousness she hasn't done this before.

We're off to the motel and she gets the room- i don't have a credit card and i never will. the room is small and dingy, with a big bed and a small tv. it smells air-freshnered, as if someone is trying to cover up another smell. we get on the bed- there's not really anywhere else to go in the tiny room. she pulls her top off. her EE tits are held by a lacy blue bra. i touched her breasts. my hand barely fits around them they're so big. i gently massage them. with my fingertip i trace the shape of her quickly hardening nipples thru her bra, first the left, then the right. her breathing is heavy, her heart is rapid. i'm beside her and our faces are close together but i'm not making eye contact and i'm not kissing her. i turn out the lights. the glow of the street lights outside is ample enough for me to see still. i undo her bra and i explore her big chest freely with my hands. i lean down and i begin to kiss her nipples. i suck them gently and tickle them with my toungue. i bite them gently as my hands roam the rest of her body. she's moaning now and i'm so hard it almost hurts.
i undo her belt and thankfully she understands i'm going to need help getting her pants off. she struggles to undo them as i slip out of my clothes like a snake shedding skin. now we're naked. i lay her down on her back and go back to work on her big tits, kissing + sucking. i drift down her fat belly, taking my time, working my way down between her thighs.

I love girls who make noise during sex, and i savor every moan as i lick her pussy and rub her body simultaneously. i alternate tempo, licking quiker and slower. making different shapes with my tounge. sucking her clit, kissing her pussy like it was a mouth. i feel her tense and suddenly the moaning gets louder and more urgent. she's overflowingly wet and i feel her clit throb rythmically on my toungue. i realize she came.

some women push you off after they come, or even before. She was more than happy to let me keep licking, which i did for what seemed like for a long time. she was plane and overweight, and i bet whatever guy she was sneaking around on just fucks her till he comes in 5 minutes, or maybe demands she blow him. i was turned on in a way i can't describe by the fact that she was so into what i was doing to her. i was going to fuck her like she was a supermodel tonite.

I put on a condem and got on top of her. i eased into her, slowly pushing my cock into her hot, tight pussy. i went very slow and gently, savoring the feel of her. it drove her crazy. the moaning got louder. i ground it to her slowly, making big circles with my hips as i pushed it as far into her as i could. i mauled her breasts, neck, and ears as i fucked her, but i never kissed her on the mouth. that would be too easy. i wanted to show her i could fuck her brains out and please her like no man ever had without anything emotional involved. just primal, animal fucking.

I pick up the pace, and i'm pounding a way on her, she's loud and exciting, urging me on. i pull back and grab her hips and roughly flip her over so she's on all fours. she sticks her ass up in the air and spreads wide, and i fuck her doggy style with a vengeance. i thrust while at the same time pulling her hips back, giving her all i can. she's still moaning, it's still turning me on. i push her forward so she's laying flat on her belly and i'm up on top of her, fucking her slowly now. i'm up like in a froglike position and she's flat, only our private parts are touching. i'm sweating and i could come but i don't want to yet. i pull back.

i pull her behind up and i dive in, fingering her from behind while i lick her asshole. i can tell from the way it puckers and her breif quiet from moaning that that's new to her. and the way she quickly begins moaning again softly that she also likes it. i tease her brown eye with my toungu while playing with her pussy for a while, then i gently push her face down.

She tries to let me penetrate her ass, even tho her inexperience is pretty obvious. shoulda brought some lube i guess, i can't get it more than half way into her. it's the thought that counts. we roll into the spoon position and i put it back into her pussy. i fuck her while holding her big tits in my hands. it's dark out now. there's a tight pussy around my dick and two big jugs in my hands, i might as well be fucking pamela anderson. i give myself permission, and i come, silently as always.

we take turns using the bathroom and we clear out. she insists on paying for the room and she gives me her home, work, and real cell phone numbers. she's walking on air. i believe she hadn't had it, at least not good, for a long time.

she drops me at the lot and i drive away. who got hurt? she got off, i got off. no one got lied to, no one got hurt. i need to find more women and couples like that. and i figure the internet is the place to try. so please get in touch if you'd like to explore with me!

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