high school daze  

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6/27/2005 3:11 pm

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high school daze

reading back over my little journal here it's almost impossible to remember a time when i thought all i wanted to do was kiss a girl. i manted to do way more of course even then, but if it was just going to be kissing i was totally ok with that.

i feel like that again with this new woman whose come into my life recently. i feel like a kid, like the world is wide open, i can't stop smiling. she's so special to me already.

we've been talking for monthes, she contacted me thru this site because she was coming up here to visit her family and wanted to meet someone while here to have a good time. we've been having phone sex (a first for me) and im-ing, but something happened along the way. we got to know each other and this incredible connection has developed. i feel things for her i've never experienced before. her mind, her soul, everything about her is exciting to me, it's not just a sexual attraction (but there's plenty of that too lol).

she's married like me and in an open relationship. i can trust her, she can trust me. i don't want to cage her, change her, use her, only love her and make her feel good, and she wants the same for me! we want to share everything too, we're going to get together with another couple while she's up here and get naked + nasty. she's also going to show mehow BDSM works, which i've wanted to try forever but never trusted anyone enough to! i'm going to be her "subie". i'm so excited!

we met in real life for the 1st time saturday, she had to give me a phone so we could talk all week. we were more like old friends than people meeting for the 1st time. it was just....right. we kissed, and it was just like i imagined it would be. she kisses like me, soft and gentle at first, then slowly more and more intense, hotter,OMG! this friday my vacation starts, and i will have evenings free instead of afternoons for the 1st time in forever, i can't wait get her behind closed doors. the things we're going to do to each other...all night long...

rm_counzler2005 72M

6/27/2005 5:19 pm

There's definitely something about meeting on the net. Think it has to do with getting to know someone without the need to be the perfect male orfemale on the first meeting. Isn't that what our grandparents meant by "courting?" None of us is the most beautiful, most successful, most clever, but we each have something special if only the oposite sex would give us a chance to strut our own unique stuff. Hmmm maybe there are some benefits from technology.

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