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5/9/2005 5:20 pm

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fun with couple

i met a lovely couple in real life the other day...we made a movie together! it will probably never be seen by anybody but the husband, but it's still an experience i can say i've had. i wore a mask just in case, anyway.

hisname was ****, he was really cool. he was just interested in filming the experience, he assured me right up front that he's not into guys at all. that was cool cause i'm not either. he took me to his house and explained to me the rules for the encounter.

he explained first that his wife can't cum without touching herself. doesn't matter what you do, that's the only way for her. I was ok with that. some guys go past sensitivity and make it like an ego thing. "WEll, she's gonna cum with me, dam it!" not me. i understand that's just the way her phisiology is. just like me: i can't cum from oral alone. doesn't matter how good you are at it, unless i can touch myself, i can't cum from being blown. He went on to explain there'd be nothing weird: no restraints, no spanking, nothing mean. cool again, none of that is my thing. third rule: no anal. awww...ok. to each their own i figured. last rule: we only have an hour, so don't go nuts in there.

next i met his wife, *****, my co-star. she was very warm, i felt comfortable with her right away. she had long, pretty dark hair and a friendly smile. she wore a satin red nightie that showed off her lovely body. she had big, soft breasts with big pink nipples. she was very friendly
what i don't like about the whole AdultFriendFinder thing is the artificialty of it. you're meeting someone because you want to have sex, they're meeting you for the same reason, but that's it. it's not the same as meeting someone at random, and you just clicking with them, and naturally getting down. it's kind of awkward for me. i sit on the bed and kick off my shoes. **** tells me not to feel pressured, if i'm not into this don't worry, there will be no hard feelings. but i'm down for real. his wife is very attractive to me and willing so i want this, i just don't quite know where to start. i get out of my jeans, now i'm just in my underwear and my t-shirt.

i get a little closer to *****. she's notbacking away any. i kiss her. she's a good kisser, her lips are soft. i'm real gentle since we just met. i feel her body with my hands, her soft skin under the soft satin. we sink into foreplay as the camera rolls...

she gives me oral and she's very good at it. her mouth is so warm and gentle i uncoil for a moment and forget the camera. i lay flat on my back and enjoy the sensation of her toung,lips, and throat on my dick. i'm happy to return the favor, i crawl between her legs. i sniff her sweet smell as i dive in, licking away. she's quiet the whole time but not silent, she murmurs when i find the right spots.

the camera freaks me out as i'm putting on the condom. it's a very vulnerable moment, being taped. i have to play some more with her to get back in the mood.

she was nice, the feel of her was wonderful. we went at it for about 15 minutes. i got kind of rough, but not in a nasty way. she kept whispering that it was good, she liked it like that. i was sweaty and it was begining to be tough to hold back so i let go, and i came inside her.

as opposed to the before, the after part was totally comfortable. we all sat there and talked about our past adventures, sharing funny stories. i got cleaned up and dressed and met them back in the living room. we talked a little bit more about jobs and such. it was wild. i really enjoyed being with them. under different circumstances i would've asked them to adopt me. i felt so at ease with the whole experience. **** drove me back to my ride, and i went home.

thank you **** and *****, for a wonderful afternoon.

MizBeautyful 42F

5/16/2005 6:34 pm

HOW AWESOME IS THIS!!! What an experience for you!! I am really glad you had a good one this time. Sounds really exciting. I am not sure I could do the video tape thing. I would be too afraid of it getting into the wrong hands but GOSH, what a memory you gave them by letting him tape it.

devilinchains 40M

5/17/2005 3:01 pm

i know, that's why i wore the mask. you never know, i might run for senate or something. wouldn't want the tape to pop up then.

the mask was comfortable. i wish i could wear one all the time. i felt kinda like a super hero, you know? what would my name be? kink-man? super-cock? the circumsized avenger?

looking forward to my email tracy

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