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devilinchains 40M
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4/25/2005 4:06 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

AFF meeting

met someone i met here in real life for the 1st time last week. i t went ok.

she was very nice, but chemistry is a funny thing. either you have it or you don't . we didn't really. still, we had the time and the inclination, so we did it anyway.

She said she had never been eaten out before. Blew my mind! it's 2005, what's up guys? there are still dudes out there who don't lick it? that's like a beta vcr. "they still make you?"

i'm all about giving women oral pleasure,so i was happy to do that for her. she seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. i could have left it at that, but she wanted to have sex too. i was ok with that. it didn't last too long. the whole encounter was maybe 1/2 hour.

we went to a motel that i have been too before, and wound up with the same room me and my girlfreind used to use everytime. i was hoping so, i wanted to take pictures of me and my date and email them to her. hurt her like she hurt me. all that evaporated when we stepped in the room. i miss her so badly. she's the only woman i can ever remember crying over. when i saw the room and i thought about her and the time we'd spent there i just felt so alone. i think she was the love of my life. now she's gone, been gone 2 months, i can't seem to put the pieces back together.

i'm supposed to meet a nice couple i met here this weekend. that should be better. i like being the third party. they're the stars, i'm just a prop. i like it like that. i'll write a more horny post about that, i'm sure. i'm a real person. nobody really knows me. good for them, good for me.

"i don't know where i am
i don't know where i've been
human junk, just words + so much skin
stick my hands thru the cage
of this endless routine, just some flesh
caught in this big broken machine..."

mnfun952 102M

4/25/2005 5:17 pm

I'm sorry to hear that the love of your life is gone... for now, anyway. One day, you'll meet her (and she might be a different person) again. Until then, keep your chin up, have fun and enjoy being with couples who are into each other and into's fun.

Have a good one,


rm_BigDnLady 43M/41F
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4/25/2005 5:55 pm

I know how it feels to have your heart broken! But if you just be patient, someone will walk into your life (might be her) and the timing will be right and it will be phenomenal!! I am speaking from experience!! I was in an abusive relationship, and finally got my shit together and left!! It took me a while to pick up the pieces, but when I did, in walks the sweetest, most honest, and devoted man I have ever encountered!! We have been together for over 5 years, but we work on our relationship constantly!! Believe me you will find someone worthy of your love someday!!! Good Luck!!


missy97330 47F

4/27/2005 12:49 pm

So sorry you felt sorrow during your encounter.

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