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6/4/2005 4:13 pm

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2 to 1

"hey j? come here a minute..."

that was how it started. him calling me into their room. i walked over and my legs were wobbly, i had been hitting the shots of jack all night. i knew if i didn't stop i'd be sick the next day so i'd eased back, and began drinking water. it was around 1am and i was just settling down on their couch, being in no shape to drive. he and his wife had gone to their room. i stood in their doorway and asked what was up.

my eyes adjusted to the dark, they were both in bed under the covers, side by side. "what if," he asked "we had a threesome here tonight?"

yea right. very funny. thought you said you weren't drunk adam.

his wife looked suprised. she kind of laughed. he pressed tho "no, look, check it out..."

"you and me don't have to do anything, right? i'm not into that...you're not into that either right?"

no, not my thing, i said.

"right. so you and i don't touch . it's just you and me going at the old lady right? everything will be cool...what happens here stays here, right? just be between us.."

i realized he was serious. in the dark i could see his wife wasn't in on this, but she was definitely liking the idea. i discouraged him again. i had been in a threesome with 2 women the night i lost my virginity, but i didn't think i was a freak or anything. i didn't want anything to do with anybody's dick. does being in a threesome with a guy mean you're leaning toward being gay? it sounds funny to me now, but at the time that was just one of the things i wasn't even open to. he persisted.

i acted like i was weighing what he said, but the second he said it the first time i had known he was serious and i had wanted to do it. his wife was not my type but she was very pretty. she had short brown hair and light brown eyes, beautiflul alabaster skin. she was very petite, not my usual thing, but her small body was still sexy to me. she slept in the nude, the outline of her body in the dark was seductive. i was getting hard already, and hadn't even said yes yet.

i looked at him, anlyzing the situation. i was not in any position to advance his career at work, we worked in 2 totally seperate divisions. i didn't have money, so i didn't see him blackmailng me or something like that. i thought back to the bar the other night...

i had been invited by her to the bar, we all worked together. she had known i had had one of the most miserable days ever and thought i could use a beer. i kept to myself and didn't talk much to people at that point. we were friends because once as we passed each other at the back door, me going off to work, her coming in from smoking, she had just said from out of nowhere that i had pretty eyes. i'm very shy and very vain, so that was all it took to make me blush and stutter. she laughed.

she had come from a bad marriage and been married to adam for about a year. he was an all around nice guy, the kind of person everybody liked. he was fat, but not an ugly guy, as guys go. they had kind of an open relationship in a way, she was allowed to kiss and flirt with other guys right in front of him. which i found out, when she asked me into the parking lot and kissed me that night! but they weren't swingers, this was new..

i figured it out. he had this in mind when he invited me over and got me hammered. he figured he was going to show me up. i think he was threatened by the attention his wife was showing me, it was more than the messing around she did with their friends at the bar. so he figures he'll defuse the situation with this, or something.

my dick was hard and you only live once. "ok" i agreed. "you start.."

he slipped out of the sheets, he slept in the nude too. i was instantly relieved to see his cock was not huge, and in fact was not bigger than mine. i used to have hang ups about size, being average as i am. it was a relief.

he leaned over her and started kissing her, massaging her breasts as he did so. i stripped nude by the side of the bed as he began kissig her nipples. i could feel her eyes on my body and saw her smile in the moonlight, it sent shivers up my spine. i climbed between her legs and began to lick her clit.

her pussy smelled like flowers, she must have douched recently. i licked it diligently, trying to find the trick to getting her off, alternating speeds and patterns with my tounge, taking her clit in my mouth and sucking it, kissing it. he mauled her neck and breasts the whole time. i felt her body tense, and it got much wetter down there. she came like a mouse. the smell of flowers was gone, replaced by the lovely aroma of sex. i gently turned her over, she was so light it was easy. i pulled her hips back to meand pushed myself into her from behind. he moved to the front of her and she took his cock in her mouth.

she was 37, i figured she needed some youthful energy and i was up for it. i fucked her hard and fast, slamming her rapidly while pulling her hips towards me, wanting her to feel me. she moaned and cooed with a mouthful of his dick. i was giving it my all and she was enjoying it.

i stopped to catch my breath and he turned her around so we switched places, me at her mouth and him behind her. his size wasmaking it difficult for him to perform tho, it was obvious he was strugglin. she smiled wickedly at me, looking up with my dick in her mouth. her mouth was warm and obviously experienced.

he backed off her and laid down . she got on top of him (later i found out this is pretty much the only way they can do it because of his size) i could sense a kind of tension from him. this wasn't playing out the way he had intended.

not ever wanting to be the bad guy, i went back to the couch and laid down. i heard them talking a little later but couldn't make out words. i heard her in the bath room.

i closed my eyes nd felt my pulse returning to normal. when i opened them she was there, alone, still nude. "uh-uh" she said. "you didn't get off. that's no fair". wicked smile again.

i needed no further invitation. i laid her on the floor and fucked her brains out. i punded and grinded hard and rough, then eased back and went slowly and gently. it stretched for ever...

sex is comunication, not competition. we clicked sexually better than her and her husband , it was nothing bad about him or good about me. it was what it was. the sex was mind bending, it was intense and primal, we were both covered in sweat, panting and grunting. i turned her over and pushed her o her belly, entering her from behind again, i'm up bouncing in a frog like position, only our privates are touching. i lean down so i'm laying flat on top of her , mauling the back of her neck like a lion. her sweat tastes sweet to me. suddenly i'm overwhelmed and i have to cum, i pull back and without touching myself squirt all over her back.

they are divorced now, not because of me but because of the green eyed monster of jealousy. it was all his idea and yet he couln't feel the same for her after it happened. i found out later he was in the other room, crying while we did it. why do we feel we can control those we love? shouldn't we be kind to them instead? if they really love us, they won't leave someone else for more money, better sex, ect.

rm_lovelyLady 64F
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6/4/2005 9:08 pm

Interesting..... it was a good story, until it brought a tear to my eye at the end to hear he had been crying in the other room. Sad...
There are so many different ways an encounter can go........ depending on our self awareness...

MizBeautyful 42F

6/5/2005 7:02 am

I think the problem in all of this is that he was in lust with the idea of that type of relationship but was not ready to explore it in the now. When my husband and I first went into this lifestyle we were ALL excited over the IDEA but it just didn't work. We were not at that place in our marriage to handle something like this. We honestly did'nt think we would ever get there. It wasn't until 3 years later that we inched back into it and now we are absolutely enjoying ourselves.

I think the problem on my side of the fence was that we had always talked about doing it but never really talked about the RULES. What we could or could not do, what we should or should not do so when it happened Jealousy reared it's ugly head. Sounds to me like they didn't TALK about doing it...the talked about it would be so great and this is so sexy and blah blah blah. But didn't get real about the situation. Also sounds like maybe he had some self esteem issues that put him on the defensive.

I am of the mind set that I can have the most awesome sex in the world with a couple or man or woman but it wont EVER compare to the awesome sex with my husband because that is where the love is. My heart and mind is with my husband. We are connected in a way that I could never be with anyone else. GOD, the sex is great with others but it's really just an appetizer for the awesome sex I am going to get with my husband after the date is over! WOO HOO....

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