Welcome to real life.  

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11/14/2005 8:29 pm

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Welcome to real life.

In this place we call real life, people don't get everything they want. If you are lucky, you may get something you have needed very badly, like a heart transplant or your tire fixed. Nowhere does it say that everyone is entitled to everything. I know. I have looked. I have only ever seen I in team once, and that was in a G eorge C arlin novel called Bra in Drop pings. Very few places allow the freedom of speech and of expression that the friend finder network allows. Be it called P assion, X m atch, Ho t ma tch, ad ult fri end fin der, Lesb ian per sonals, they all will allow you to use the same handle and password. The point I am making here is, whether you realize it or not, to even have a membership on a site like this that allows the amount of interaction it does, usually costs quite a bit of money. Everyone on this site is here by their choice. They don't have to respond to you. They don't have to even acknowledge your existance. So the event of even being offered to meet someone face to face should be treated with the highest honor and respect. I have been on this site for some time and with a few different handles. I was originally kre epiness, then ant idote, now desleeped. I will stay on as desleeped. In all the time I have been on here, I have met maybe three women that I have exchanged ya hoos with, and only one who I have even come close to meeting in person. I am not in any way dangerous, or even imposing. I don't seek to sleep with every woman I speak to. I don't even wish to meet with everyone I talk to, add to my hotlist, or even wink at. Sure it would be great just to meet some (or even one)of the lovely ladies I have winked at, but I may not even get to add them to my network. Or even chat with them in a chatroom. The point is, as much as I would like to interact with some of the women I meet on the street, I rarely even drop a friendly hello. So why should I expect even a friendly hello from someone I have never seen, and has never seen me?

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11/16/2005 1:03 am


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