Much better today.(plus a rant)  

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11/28/2005 2:11 am

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Much better today.(plus a rant)

I had a good day today. I got to work on time, made money, and got started on fixing my truck(YAY!!). Soon I will be back to driving "The Unstoppable Rhino," and I will be able to move out of this evil place...
Have you ever walked into a place that was so cold, emotionally speaking, that it made you stop in your tracks? That is where I reside as of right now. I have never been to a place like this before. Walking through the door, you wonder if you will ever be happy ever again. It is almost enough to make me want to sleep in my truck.
Today was my big sister's 29th birthday. We went to a local bar and played pool. I had a few drinks with my sister, and hit on the waitress. She was hott, but married. It's tradition to hit on the waitresses at this particular restaurant because I used to work with them. We both know nothing will come of it, so it's all in good fun. Gonna be going for my G.E.D. soon. Wish me luck. I have never really cared whether I had it or not, because I didn't see the point in getting a piece of paper to say that I learned things in school when I never got the chance. Most of the teachers couldn't read my writing. No problem. I can just type it up, right? Wrong. If it was typed, they wouldn't accept it because they said there was no proof that I did it myself. How about passing the tests, wasn't that enough? Apparently not. I am not sure where I started ranting, but I have decided to finish. To make a long story shorter, I passed most of the tests, but failed most of the assignments. So, I never passed the classes. I learned the info, but have nothing to show for it. I need the G.E.D. to have something to show for all the work I put in in high school. Believe it or not, I failed English class. I never graduated high school. I failed most of my classes, but I was very smart. I don't spell check my blog entries. I type them right here. I was smart enough to hang out with the smart kids, but I didn't participate in any of the activities they did. I was athletic enough for sports, but uninterested in them. I hung out with the outcasts, but had smart friends and jock friends. I guess that made me a threat somehow. I have always carried a knife. Ever since I was four. It taught me respect for sharp objects, and a knife can be an invaluable tool. They waited until I turned 18. The following Monday, I was pulled into the school resource officer's office. They spun me a bullshit story about me threatening some freshmen with a knife. They searched me and found my knife. As they knew I had just turned 18, they prosecuted me as an adult. I spent a week in jail before they even told my parents where I was. When my lawyer showed me the police reports that were "filed by the freshmen I threatened" I noticed some discrepancies:
They were filed for after I was arrested
The information regarding my description was wrong
The description of the vehicle I would have been in at the time was also incorrect
The only information that could have even pointed them in my direction was my name. MY WHOLE NAME!!!
Not the nickname everyone knew me as
Not the shortened form of my name
My first, middle, and last name, AS WELL AS the III that comes after my name. Now really. Where are random freshmen supposed to get that info?
I discovered(through my personal network of loyal [spies]friends)that the reports were written by a STUDENT GUIDANCE COUNSELLOR AND A GEOGRAPHY TEACHER!!! All I learned in school was to distrust authority. As I matured, I have discovered that paperwork is fully 3/4 of what you need to get a job in this country. With the right paperwork, you can literally be whatever you want. I want to be waaay more than a pizza guy. I would like to get into theoretical physics. I have already broken the law of thermodynamics, so the sky is the limit. I may be a genius, but the paperwork says driver and the nametag says "Mike. The Pizza Guy"

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11/28/2005 2:34 am


Hope your truck is back on the road soon.

And yes, paperwork is everything...

The Big Bang was the mother of all orgasms.PrincessKarma

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