Again I Ramble.  

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9/9/2005 10:58 pm

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Again I Ramble.

As it should be obvious by now, I don't really care what I write. I just write. When most people set about their day, they dont really give a thought to whether or not they will live through it. I for one, Don't really care. If I live, I live. If I die, so be it. so here is a story about a guy who cares too much about where he is to see where he is going.

Walking quickly, attempting to make up for lost time, we find Ed. Ed is a business man. Ed has spent his entire life trying to get one rung higher on the ladder. "Gonna be late, gotta hurry up. Cant be late again. Gotta set an example." Upon arriving at his destination, Ed clocks in at the front desk, once again on time for work. Ed is always on time. You can set your watch by him. 9am every morning, Ed punches in. In spite of being on time Ed is still in a hurry. Quickly crossing the lobby, Ed fails to see the sign stating "Please Use The Stairs" and before anyone can stop him, Ed opens the elevator door and falls 5 floors to his death. The moral of the story is:
Pay attention to the signs. The bridge may actually be out this time.

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