don't get upset.... take it calm, have fun  

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10/18/2005 4:34 pm

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don't get upset.... take it calm, have fun

hihi.... if you wonder, i'm bad at checking up girls because i'm realistic,passive- its may be rude.. or i don't know what to people if i don't know anything about them.

to me, there no taboo, but it's doesn't mean i like it.. and i'll avoid lies.

chatting is not much fun 4 me, as i like better do things, and playing (pc)games, reading series or watch movies ain't much social...
i'm not enjoy going out often. people are different, sitting at bar-i so seldom as it's not my area.
i like to stay home and have fun or be with friends.

sad that seldom animals get annihilated and that rainforest shrinking, giving the world bigger problems,storms and deserts. bad bad..but me just piss'ant, and happy,want to watch movies..and eat some good food, yummy.

met once a girl with feet that was not taken care of,i would understand if it got problems, but nails wasn't clean cut or skin softed.its was creepy, what the point with beautful delicate face,wet sexy lips and give a shit about toes?, does me make questions,she wash well around her asshole or ? (trousers,not sex)

well. metal is a base rich of bacterias(that why doctors/piercer studios are very careful,clean) so does people sterilate and polish their jewels and piercings sometimes? body doesn't get clean by just walk trough shower without scrubbing, and remember assh*le and between toes.
its tends that lower self opinion one got, the more jewel to compensate,feel better, the more honor they focused on-got aggresive, if one can't joke with themself-they got a problem. if good or normal, one don't need to worry, words are powerful, but don't defends use of violence. problems is that people don't check truth or easy beeing influenced by words. I.E:
career may ruined by lifestyle/getting kinky in tabloids... its work that counts, not lifestyle, it's no professional to kick someone for their privacy, but so is politicians,mighty positions not mature, but primitive.

life is fun if one can be ironic,sarkasm,dirty/black humor and stupid ,childish and wackoo in fresh way.
oh.. enough sh*t from me today... time to have fun

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