desertsong91 44F
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6/13/2006 6:34 pm

Boundaries…we all have them. Some have more than others, but each persons boundaries need to be respected. Last night, I had a conversation with someone who did not respect my boundaries. No matter how polite and tactful I tried to be about them getting close to crossing the line, they still kept pushing. It was kind of pissing me off! If I tell you that I am not into something, then let it go. Don’t keep asking me about it. If I tell you I am not comfortable, then stop pressing the issue. It’s a total turnoff.

There have been some positive experiences too. I’ve met some really cool people that I would probably be friends with anyway…whether or not something physical happens. Not that I am ruling that out…because I sure am not! : ) I’m just saying take it easy on a newbie, okay guys?

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