The Coffee Shop  

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5/18/2005 6:15 pm

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The Coffee Shop

Walking down the street, minding our own business ... our eyes catch for a brief moment in time. In the fleeting instant, we both feel a spark. "What was that?" I ask myself, already feeling the wwarmth spreading through my body. "WOW. That woman is attractive!" I think to myself.

At the same moment, a soft breeze begins to blow, brushing your hair across your cheek and sending a tickling sensation down your neck. You brush it off; just a fleeting sensation.
I turn toward the coffee shop and order a double espresso. To my surprise, there you are in line behind me! As our eyes meet again, you smile ever so slightly.

"Is this your latte?" I ask, knowing the answer. "Why, thank you," you reply.

From a simple beginning, we start talking about everything: the weather, business, social lives, the stock market, politics ... and laugh when we realize that we not supposed to be getting along so well!

"Thanks for the coffee," I say to you. "I enjoyed this ... I just wish it didn't have to end."
"It doesn't, at least not yet," you respond. Your gaze locked on mine, we stare at each other. My voice quivers ever so slightly, "Oh? What do you have in mind?"

"I was thinking we might have breakfast. Tomorrow."

My mind, racing, quickly imagines the sensation of our bdoies, locked in the throes of passion, exploring each other for hours and then finally collapsing with exhaustion.

We awaken as the sun rises the following morning. I get up and make some coffee, and bring you a mug. Gentle kisses, and another brief session of love-making, and then you dress and go to the door.

"What's your name"" I ask. "How do I reach you?"
"Nevermind," you reply. "Nothing can change last night. Good bye!" And you disappear.
Lying in my bed, with the scent of you still lingering in my nostrils, I smile ...

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