A First Class Experience  

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4/3/2005 9:00 am

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A First Class Experience

I was flying to a conference last year, in first class (a consolation prize from the airline because I fly too much each year). An attractive young blonde woman sat down next to me. (I was thrilled; this NEVER happens to me. I usually get the 300-pound guy instead).

It turns out that she was a nice person, smart, very talkative, and so we struck up a conversation. She mentioned that she enjoyed champagne while flying (especially when it is free) and so we had a glass. Then a second. Before we arrived in Phoenix (our destination) we had finished the three bottles of champagne that were stocked on the plane!

I learned that we were both going to the same conference, although we were staying a different hotels. We took a taxi to her hotel, dropped of her stuff ... had a drink and continued our conversations ... then went to my hotel to compare "digs."

After a few drinks at the bar at my hotel, we ended up in my room. We were certainly feeling our champagne, and she was certainly feeling bold after having spontaneously spanked me on the buttocks during our chat. I had taken notice of her for the past few hours ... pretty blonde hair cut to her shoulders, very attractive and expressive green eyes, and a nice shape. She had wide hips but a flat tummy, and her body combined with her personality were a real turn-on! Anyway, we were lying down on my bed, continuing to chat, and I decided to make a move.

I rolled toward her, and kissed her fully on the lips. She didn't resist ... in fact, she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close. It was very exciting, and I instantly achieved a full erection. I could feel the blood pulsing through my penis while my hands grabbed her and pulled her closer to me.

I started working up her shirt, then loosened her brassiere, and rolled into a sitting position on her while gently massaged her belly and chest. She unbuttoned my shirt, and loosened my belt. We kissed again, deeply. I could feel the warmth of her body next to mine, and I knew I wanted to make love to her.

Over the next 15 minutes or so, we stripped each other until we were both completely naked. While she laid on her back, I kissed her neck, shoulders, breasts, and tummy ... all the while gently rubbing my hands over her body. She was starting to moan, and I could feel the electricy of her body as we touched. I massaged her legs, and moved toward her pussy ... which was completely wet by this point. I ran my fingers, and then my tongue, across her lips and into her pussy. I buried my face in her cunt, licking and sucking her in an increasing frenzy in response to the grinding of her hips, and the freqency of her moaning. As she neared orgasm, her body stiffened and then quivered ... and she screamed in ecstacy! I was in heaven.

After the waves of passion began to subside, I gazed into her welcoming eyes and mounted. I drove my throbbing penis into her vagina, slowly at first ... enjoying the warmth of her body as I entered her ... until I had reached full penetration. Then we began fucking, slowly at first and then faster and faster ... our lips searching and finding each other, then moving to the shoulders and neck, ears, cheeks, and then back to the mouth. We were encouraging each other verbally ... she was moaning my name, I was telling her how great it felt to be inside her. Then we both orgasmed ... first me, then quickly it was her turn. Our bodies shook with excitement!

After a brief rest, some more kissing and laughing, we tried a position that I had only seen once in a porn movie. It worked better than I expected! It must have been really good for her ... while i could see my cock plunging into her pussy, it was hitting a sensitive part of her because within a few minutes she was overcome with a violent orgasm! It took several minutes for her to calm down before we could continue.

We went on like this for two hours, and then collapsed in a heap of spent humanity. We held each other in arms, and fell asleep like this. A few hours later she woke up, gently kissed me, and then left to go back to her hotel.
I had a huge smile on my face for the next few days ... strangely enough every time I saw her at the conference!

I still keep in touch with her, and I hope to have another encounter like the one we had in Phoenix!

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