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Adult Scam Finder? Rip off certainly.  

denverbrit2 35M
3 posts
11/21/2007 5:36 pm
Adult Scam Finder? Rip off certainly.

Since I joined AdultFriendFinder and spent $60 on three month's gold membership I've been contacted only by two women.

One of them turned out to be a scam. She kept things very general and never mentioned my name, with introductions such as "Hi sexy!" and "Hi!!!". These were followed up by a personal insight comment, such as "My girlfriend and I were just talking about you today over lunch," or "I've been working so hard at college."Nice little personal messages that make you think she has a life.

Then she gave me her email address.

I emailed her, thinking that (God forbid) somebody was geniune.

She emailed me back, again keeping things very general. But she also passed me onto another profile page which turned out to be a clever ad for a "Adult Certificate" which basically gives you access to her naughty photos. Whoopee. A fucking scam.


The other lady that contacted me I have no idea if she's real of not, but it does raise some questions about what AdultFriendFinder is. If you take a look at the ratio of men members to women members on this site you'll see that on the whole men outnumber women 10/1.

Ten to one. You've got more chance of hitting a fly with you sperm than a girl on this site.

I wish I'd checked the stats before I parted with my cash.

Breeding Ground For Scammers?

But then, stats aside - what is AdultFriendFinder, above all else?

A breeding ground for internet scams. With millions of single horny young men signed up, that equals a tremendous opportunity to make some money through hoodwinking.

For the scammers, the opportunity costs for ripping off us men is very low. Standard members can join for free. Upload a sexy picture of their cunt. And hey, presto - an inbox full of desperate young men all eager to share their personal contact details if there's a slim chance of getting their dick sucked. Cue the cash cow. It makes me wonder if I shouldn't set up a few fake profiles just to reel in the desperados.

At a time of heightened identity fraud it surprises me that no one (government or otherwise) has imposed regulations on AdultFriendFinder or indeed, all the other personals websites.

Think about it like this. If Iraq and Iran got invaded for 'harbouring' terrorists, shouldn't AdultFriendFinder
be brought to book for 'harbouring' scammers?

My only advice to all you desperate young men out there who are looking to find sex is don't waste your money on this bullshit website. The scams and the odds make it near on impossible to meet somebody worth a squirt.

If you're about to press the red 'submit' button for the joining fee transaction, have a wank first. You'll soon realise how stupid it all could have been.

randaaallleee 39F
387 posts
11/22/2007 11:12 am

I suggest joining local groups and participating. Give the other members a chance to get to know you and what you are about.

Also, make sure your profile is filled out... I can't tell as a standard member because A F F says you are a new member. From what I have seen, hardly anyone likes a profile that is filed out by A F F, so use a little of your own imagination. It gives women a way to start a conversation and get to know you better.

There are meet & greets all over, too. I haven't been to any yet, but I hear they are a lot of fun.

All in all, you get out of it what you put into it. Happy hunting!!!

"Some people walk in the rain. Others just get wet.." - Roger Miller

AlvinBooth 61M
4692 posts
11/21/2007 6:16 pm

Sorry to hear about your trouble. There's scammers everywhere. BTW I am a standard member here. I doubt I will ever pay but you never know.

One of the ways to weed these out is to get into the chat rooms. I don't know if you do or not. If you're not, you will be wasting alot of time waiting for women to contact you. Been there ... done that.

If you particapate in a chat room, be civil and respectful, you increase your chances of your profile being hit which give you more choice. Following the conversations will also give you some idea of which ladies may fit your criteria.

Just remember, if it sounds too good to be probably is.

Good Luck


-- E5150 --

49AK 54M
1823 posts
11/21/2007 5:57 pm

No question there's a lot of crap on AdultFriendFinder... but there are lots of nice people... including nice women... check out the chatrooms... as least you know they're real... they may be psychos... but they're real.

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