Out to the outdoors for focuse  

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6/26/2006 3:37 am

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Out to the outdoors for focuse

Hello Ladies,
I hope you all had a nice weekend. Mine was spent with family in the country. Last night I was drinking cold beer while lounging in the hot tub.
there is something about water for me which turns me on. later in the evening it was time to skinny dip for awhile and the waves that were made were very steady. Needless to say I had a very stress free weekend. I would highly recommend skinny dippin after a good soak in a steamy hot tub. What do you all think?

dennisg7717 48M

6/27/2006 10:29 pm

I"D LIKE TO TAKE A MOMENT AND SHARE WITH YOU A GLIMPSE INTO MY HEART. THIS BALLET IS ENTITLED, "A LITTLE FELLOW FOLLOWS ME," i'M GOING TO RECEIVE AN AWARD FORM THE National Poets Society, with 53 or 57 countries represented. It truly is a International Conference. All who would like can join me and my wife in Las Vegas on the 23rd of July.


A careful man I ought to be, a "Little Fellow Follows Me." I do not dare to go astray, for fear he'll go the selfsame way. Not once can I escape His eye's, whatever he sees me do, he tries. Oh how lovely is my little man, who from the beginning GOD has a plan.
He set it all into perpetual motion, without which we'd have no emotion.



i DO NOT DARE not to go astray, for absolute fear he will go the selfsame way.

Day or Night anytime my mood is right, to kiss him on the cheek and to tell him how much I LOVE HIM SO. eVEN UNTIL ETERNITIES END FOR MY LAST BREATH IS BUT A BIRTH. Out with the old and in with the new.

Not once can I escape HIS all knowing watchful eyes; whatever he sees me do he tries. Often times mistakes to be repeated. Oh but never Mistreated. Always in the fullness of a FATHERS LOVE, A MAN TO THE CHILD IN US ALL!!!

Like me he say's he's going to be, that Little Fellow Who Follows Me!

Like me he say's he's going to be. That Little Fellow Who FOLLOWS me!!!

He thinks that I am good and fine, believes in every word of mine. The base and flesh in me he MUST NOT SEE, THAT LITTLE chap WHO FOLLOWS ME.

i MUST REMEMBER FOR THE WE IN US ALL,SO I"LL NOT FALL BY THE GREAT Grace of GOD!!! I must remember as I go, throe' summers sun and winters snow. I AM is building for the years to be, for that, "LITTLE FELLOW WHO FOLLOWS ME."

yOURS VERY SINCERELY,TRULY, AND RESPECTFULLY, Dennis G. Gill- Director of Operations, and CEO, The Gill Foundation. In all the fullness of a Fathers Love, Our FATHER THAT LIVES SO HIGH ABOVE, OH LORD HOW WE EXALT YOUR HOLY NAME. On a personal not I'd like to PUBIC ALLY AND PERSONALLY APOLOGIZE TO AdultFriendFinder AND IT'S ASSOCIATES, YOU KIND PEOPLE. For my rude, obnoxious, and arrogant behavior last night on a chat and on other occasions. PLEASE EXCEPT MY APOLOGY IN THE SPIRIT OF LOVE THAT i send it in. Love always, Dennis G.

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