Heading out to Ghana; South Western Africa  

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6/24/2006 3:09 am

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Heading out to Ghana; South Western Africa

You know to me it's funny how life can throw me curve balls. Seems as if I get alot of that. I've been the black sheep and rebel hell of the family since orphaned at eight by my dad Donald than just five short years later. My mom Claudia, God called her Hhome also. After that seems as if all my childhood memories were marked with pain and dispaire. I started having sex before my pubs were in and fighting everyone and everything. I had three F'S in mind when I went on the town. This was the teen to 29 Dennis. I went out to get Fucked, to get Fucked up, and to Fuck somebody up- the more the merrier I felt. I was a black hearted man living in a void. Now in Septem,ber 24th of this year it will be five years since me release into the "free world." Nothing you all have in this world is for "free." It all costr something. Wouldn't you agree? Let me know I want your feedback. Then I tell you about how great My Father is, God is sending me to Ghana to rescue an orphan and my ministry needs your help. Write thegillfoundation and find out more. We are on yahoo and around the web. Yours sincerely and respectfully, Dennisg7717

rm_KarmoHunny 54F
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6/24/2006 9:30 pm

Sounds like you have had quite the hard life. But it seems now that things are looking up for you. And that is great!

What exactly will you be doing in Ghana? What do you mean "rescue an orphan?" Is there a specific child that you will be taking care of? Will you be doing something with an orphanage? My niece went to Ghana earlier this year with her college class. She was thrilled to have went.

Hope you will have a safe trip!


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