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6/10/2006 2:45 pm

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6/16/2006 9:56 pm


OK... I've not blogged in a while. Figure I might as well get an update... just so friends know I'm still alive. I do tend, at times, to fall off the face of the earth. I guess i'm in one of those phases.

My life has been pretty uneventful. Or very. Depends on your outlook. My employer has cut me to working 3 days a week, which means I won't be able to pay my bills much longer. They've never given me any reasons (at least not for this new bit). We're basically in a stage of nit-picking at eachother now. But on the bright side: I had a job interview this week (didn't get that job), and 3 more next week. Each job has some less-than-desirable attribute (such as working saturday, or till 6pm). But they'll be minor sacrifices if I'm able to learn and grow from the new job. I cannot grow in my current job any more than I already have, and I'm bored to death with it. (That is true even if I wasn't PO'd at them). The interesting thing about my job interviews... half of them are for jobs I didn't apply for. One employer called me to set up an interview, and in passing mentioned that he was considering promoting an accounting assistant into a sales manager position. And if he did, I might be more qualified for the vacated position. So that is now what I'm being interviewed for.

I have acquired a pet mouse (of sorts), due to a botched rescue attempt. Trying to chase my cats away from an unharmed live mouse they brought back to play with in the yard, my kitten ran it into the apartment and let it go in my bedroom. Found it hiding under my blankets the next day. I think it's in the closet now, but haven't found him yet.

I seem to be also on the verge of acquiring a tomcat. A couple weeks ago I heard an odd meowing outside my apartment and ran to open the door (which was cracked only an inch), and tripped over said tomcat in my living room (being as both mine were outside, I wasn't expecting anything to be there). Well: today, my front door was open, I was lying in bed reading... and suddenly my kitten started hissing. Mr. Tomcat was sitting in my bedroom eating. Pretty soon he might just decide not to leave.

I'm now signed up for a college class this summer. Just 3 credits, enough to defer my student loans. That was a crazy experience though, as EVERY class I wanted had been cancelled. I'm actually still in process of getting the class(es) worked out, and getting funds to pay for it. If anybody is feeling rich and wants to help out a struggling student, let me know But I think in the fall I'm going to follow BlondeAdonis' example and go get signed up for doing my Masters... I had it so stuck in my head that I wanted a BA in Accounting, in my stubbornness I never stepped back to realize I could do my MBA and possibly get better financial assistance and STILL take the classes for my second bachelors. One of the few downfalls of being a bull-headed Taurus.

I'm off to work on further getting my life in order. Hopefully I'll make it back to write a few *real* blog posts tonight

*HUGS* to all

ProtonicMan 47M

6/10/2006 6:00 pm

Thanks for the update, friend. I'm pulling for you on the job and school fronts! (Oh, and a few wishes to help you get laid, too. )


rm_Karovak 38M

6/11/2006 3:10 pm

good luck on everything, I notice the wink and winked back, so if you want to talk more my yahoo is treckandrus if you wish to talk..I dont get many options in A FF which includes sending you mail...


volcanoinu23 52M

6/11/2006 11:25 pm

Hi you lady, thanks for the update. One of these days, our paths will cross and we will get to trade some more intimate thoughts again. I hope all is well and that the best things and opportunies happen for you!


demonicsexkitten replies on 6/12/2006 12:15 am:
I miss chatting with you Hope you're doing well.

QueenOfSwords 34F

6/12/2006 5:58 am

Im glad that youre back. I always enjoy your blog

demonicsexkitten 41F
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6/16/2006 9:56 pm

Not sure if anybody wants an update but i got to talk to my boss on wednesday. Told her (finally) that my "slump" had everything to do with being Pissed Off at her (yes! i used that terminology), and like nobody appreciated or respected me as an employee and all i did for the company, and that i felt they'd lied/stabbed me in the back, and it just put me in the "why the hell should i care about them?" attitude. and then it became all nit-picking after that. She somewhat apologized. Told me to plz let her know immediately if i'm upset. she doesns't mind if i tell her i'm PO'd. she'd rather know and deal with it than have me hold it inside, where it festers. (She says that she completely understands as she tends to be that way too). And she also said she had no idea my hours had been cut so severely, as she delegated all scheduling issues to the asst. mgr. So... i should be back to full time after next week.

Still trying for another job though.

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