Some sense of the obvious...  

demonicsexkitten 41F
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8/28/2005 3:04 am

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Some sense of the obvious...

Some things just seem totally obvious, Like don't spit into the wind... there are thousands of examples. (I was just searching for some "Where's your sign" comedy examples, but haven't found any yet).

One that seems obvious to me, but apparently isn't... if you're going to cheat on your husband (or significant other whatever gender)... don't use his credit card to do it! I work in a hotel, and an irate guest called earlier demanding to know why there was a charge on his card. After tracking it down... turns out it was his wife, and she had another guest with her. of course, there's always the possibility she WANTED him to find out. perhaps she was just trying to make a statement.

On the other hand? I just ran across this quote:

"Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity."
--Robert Heinlein

papyrina 51F
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8/28/2005 4:46 am

oops lol,

In Greece a lot of small hotels have rigged up cameras and then tape you in bed and then blackmail you or tell your partnes

I'm a

i'm here to stay

Loosetooth 41M
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8/28/2005 4:48 am

Sometimes absent mindedness is a condition imposed by the sub-conscious to ensure entrapment. In English...... the fact that she did not take adequate measures means that sub-consciously she wanted to be caught. There is no accidental as each point in life is a decision, even the decision to ignore that there is a decision to be made.

demonicsexkitten 41F
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8/28/2005 5:58 pm

Hmm... ok... so i'll never rent a hotel room in Greece... thanks for the warning

and Loosetooth: that she wanted to be caught, whether consciously or not, is the only reason i can think for her to use her husband's card. it's just way too obvious otherwise.

shyknight2005 42M
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8/29/2005 12:03 am

Going to have to steal that quote, milady....maybe print a T-Shirt...fits my life way too much lol

toothysmile 50M
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8/29/2005 1:10 pm

Oops, in deed.
Perhaps it was just revenge?
She could have used the credit card to withdraw cash from an ATM!
Oh well. I suppose her husband was using other hotels?

Must ask Papyrina for the list of these hotels- wouldn't an 'outing' be fair punishment for them?

demonicsexkitten 41F
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8/29/2005 1:56 pm

how dare you!! stealing from a thief... (i want a T'shirt that says "It's not MY fault you're stupid!" it's my new way of mentally cheering myself up at work when i'm being yelled at for not having a room for ppl who never made reservations in summer).

goddessofbitches 41M/33F

8/29/2005 5:40 pm

It just doesn't make sense.....poor dumbasses should not be allowed to use a credit

I know a girl who was sleeping with her female teacher. The teachers husband found out the night that his friends's sister...had set up a foursome with her...her sister...the teacher...and husband....I just happen to be there....seeing as I was going to get the group photo before it happened....and well....It was a huge


Always The Bitch

rm_bushice 72M
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8/30/2005 10:23 am

godess, sounds as though all deserved each other!! I really wouldn't wish that on anybody but ? Do ya think a pic review mite be in order?? Still get caught but aww hell!!

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