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8/1/2005 8:01 pm

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The clock strikes,
Pendulum swings...
I've been here before.
Downward spiral,
out of control
Fragmented half of my soul,
Murky struggling.
Try, TRY!--the other side
Remember the songs:
Sweet scent of spring,
Dance of life, of love.
As upwards the pendulum swings
The clock strikes again!

As so long ago, a Sage said:
"This, too, shall pass."

i wrote this poem on Saturday. Went to the Jazz club... very relaxing!! i've had this poem in mind for some weeks; had a feeling for it, a beginning and an end. i'm still not certain i like it... but this might be as good as it gets! i have been so focused with my nose in the Accounting books, i've missed but done nothing with writing, be it poetry or otherwise, in many years. I tend to be an all-or-nothing person. all love, no love. all work, or all play. all poetry, or...... how well do YOU do at keeping balance in your life? and if any of you know WHO the sage was who said 'this, too, shall pass'... let me know i believe i have it written somewhere in one of my billions (ok, thousands) of books... but i'm not too worried about finding him right now. i believe it was a King of the Ottoman Empire, who wanted to have a reminder to keep him focused on his rule. So a wise man hung a sword above his head by a golden thread, or silken hair... and on the sword was written "This, too, shall pass." so the king remembers all good things, as with all bad, will pass. and not to get too settled into his power, as it too will someday disappear.

rm_liquidluver 51M
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8/1/2005 10:28 pm

This life so short
tastes so sweet,
and burns so bright
beneath our feet.

So take the time
to hear your heart,
to speak your mind,
create your art.

For when it's passed
a smile remains,
upon the lips
of those you've changed.

There is no simple way to keep your balance on the road of life. Surrender yourself to the winds of change, unleash the daemons within, and laugh at the spectacle of yourself working so hard to be yourself.

And I'm fairly certain that I saw the same quotation on a bathroom wall somewhere, although I'm pretty sure that it was meant to be interpreted in a different context.

hubbyontheloose 60M  
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8/4/2005 5:40 am

The expression "and this too shall pass" seems to have come from Hebrew writings relating to King Solomon. It is a literal translation of the hebrew "gam zeh ya'avor" which was inscribed, in shortened form, on a ring given to Solomon by Benaiah ben Yehoyada his most trusted minister. The words show that no emotions - not just sadness but also happiness and joy. It goes further than that though it also showed Solomon that his power as King was nothing compared to the power of God and Eternity. We all pass away no matter how weak or how mighty - we are but footnotes in the pages of eternity - I rather like that thought personally

Hope that helps with the quote question.


hubbyontheloose 60M  
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8/4/2005 5:43 am

woops missed a few words out there it should have read :

"The words show that no emotions last forever - not just sadness but also happiness and joy."

stupid fingers grrrrh

demonicsexkitten 41F
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8/4/2005 9:00 am

Thanks, SET i guess there are many stories of the origin of that saying. I believe i did hear the one of King Solomon before too.

rm_VoodooGuru1 49M
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8/22/2005 12:11 am

I think the story you were thinking of is called "The Sword of Damocles", and it took place in Greece, or that's the way I heard it. From what I remember, and this is going back to 7th grade, Damocles deposes some king with the help of some god, but the bargain comes with the sword always hanging over his throne.

Zara_thustra 53F
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1/29/2015 4:18 am

A nose focused on accounting. Math is a four letter word. I cannot balance my checkbook without a spreadsheet.

I like the poem. It has a nice flow.

When I started writing and creating other beautiful things, the math door closed tight for me, but the creativity door was blown off the hinges.


demonicsexkitten replies on 1/29/2015 6:45 am:
Thanks for commenting, Zara_Thustra
I'm not so great at math either. But as I tell everybody: That's why God made Calculators.
I know: being able to recognize something isn't right and quickly adding some numbers in one's head is important. Still... calculators. For me it's more about organization and control and knowing I can find and fix any problems than it is "math".

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