Nowhere near MzHuny's... but here's one of my fantasies....  

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8/14/2005 12:48 pm

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Nowhere near MzHuny's... but here's one of my fantasies....

you are sitting on the floor watching a movie.... i had gone to the
other room... return and crawl across the floor... slowly moving
towards you. my low-cut shirt revealing my cleavage.. the dark shadows
between my breasts, and the partially hidden white moons of my
breasts. as i get close to you, i brush my nose against your chest, tracing your chesthair...
then i slide up so my breasts caress your chest. i lean forwards and
lick your lips. you put your tongue out to meet mine, but i refuse it.
i lean forwards again, and caress your cheek with mine, then lean down
to nibble your neck and shoulder... then i bite your neck softly, and
push you so you're lying on your back. i straddle your hips (clothed),
and tease you with my lips and tongue... not letting you taste me as
you desire. finally i give in, and slip my tongue between your teeth.
as i'm kissing u, i press and rock softly against your hips... feeling
you grow hard thru your clothes... you're moaning with desire. i reach
down to undo your pants... slide my hand inside to caress you, then
move away ... you quickly remove your clothes, and i look deep in your
eyes as i slowly remove mine.

once we're both naked, i crawl towards you again... just close
enough that we can kiss... you reach out and caress my hanging
breasts. i pull myself up to your arms, wrap my arms around your neck,
and u wrap urs around my waist and back. we kiss a long passionate
kiss... i slide my nipples against your chest, and tickle your cock with my
pubic hair... it surges against me. i push you down on your back
again.... kiss your neck, your shoulder... move slowly down your chest
to tease your nipples... kiss and lick them. then down slowly to your
belly... my warm breath tickling against your hot cock. you have your
eyes closed to enjoy the sensations... and suddenly the breath stops.
you open your eyes when you hear me giggle, and see me look at you
from the corner of my eye and smile as i quickly run out of the

you get up and come after me... trying to find where i've hidden, and
where i'm going. you hear me giggling but can't find me... you follow
my voice. suddenly you realize i'm leading you to our garden... bathed
in moonlight, surrounded by an inpenetrable fence. the scent of roses
and jasmine in the air, and the warm summer breeze and sound of water
trickling from a small waterfall. as you run out to the
middle of the garden, i suddenly step out from behind some bushes,
with a wreath of flowers around my neck and covering my breasts and
hiding my treasure-area from your sight. you walk slowly towards me as
i sway seductively in the breeze... dancing to the sound of the trees.
as you reach for me ,i giggle again and move out of reach... then
knowing how frustrated you're getting, i give in... i let you catch
me... i meet your kiss with one of passion and love. our bodies press
close and crush the flowers i'm wearing.

suddenly, you fall to your knees in front of me, pull the flower belt
away, and gently spread my thighs open. i shiver and moan as your
breath caresses my clit. you lean forwards and put your tongue out to
lick along my slit, back and forth... then forwards as you lean closer
to suck my clit into your mouth. my knees go weak and i almost fall as
you suck me hard... my body is heating so much! i twist my fingers in
your hair and press you closer... i moan again. you feel the wetness
from my body suddenly increase... my juices are flooding... you let go
my clit, and place feather-light kisses over my hair and belly, then
grab my hands and pull lightly, encouraging me to give into the
weakness and collapse against you as you help lower me to the

as i'm lying on my back, helpless beneath you, you just sit quietly
and admire the silvery blue shining of my skin under the moonlight.
you watch as my hardened nipples get even harder as the wind caresses
them. then you reach out and caress my waist, up to my left breast...
then you lean down and take my right nipple between your teeth and tug
softly, then flick with your tongue, then caress with your tongue as
you pull it in to suck on it. your fingers squeezing one nipple, and
mouth sucking on the other... then alternating sides... i cry out with
longing and desire. your sucking makes an empty hunger build deep
inside me... crying to be filled. i start lifting my hips to press
against yours, encouraging you, hoping you will touch me ... with your
fingers, or your cock... anything to fill me! but i'm so lost in
sensation i can't speak. you recognize my need, and reach your hand
down. you lean up to kiss me hard as you simultaneously bury your
fingers deep inside my hot, wet pussy. i moan loudly from joy... you
swollow the sounds so the neighbors don't hear us. you then move your
fingers out then in again, burying your fingers deep inside. then you
curve your fingers and move to find my g-spot... stimulating it until
i'm crying from the intensity... you play me and bring me close to the
edge, then move away.... your revenge for teasing you earlier, yet
every time bringing me closer to the edge again... closer yet higher
than before. suddenly you press me... bringing me so close to the
edge... then you remove your fingers and bury your shaft deep inside
in one smooth, deep thrust.... you bury deep and hold ... i shudder as
you throb inside... your cock is breathing inside me, is pulsing, is
throbbing... every pulse i feel throughout my being.... i am the echo
of your blood. then you pull out and thrust in deep and hard, again
holding... i start trembling beneath you... then you kiss my lips
softly, and ask 'are you ready?' ... you see by the shining in my
eyes, how the passion has made them glowing green, how my breath is so
uneven, like i'd been running so many miles... you know i'm ready...
you grab my hands and hold them down beside my head, then pull out of
me... then thrust in hard.... then looking deep into my eyes, you
proceed to fuck me... riding me smooth and hard and deep... like a
thoroughbred racing to the finish line... i start bucking against
you... thrusting against you so you're ever deeper.... you lean down
and bite my neck... holding my neck between your teeth as you ride me
hard... your throbbing hot cock being squeezed by my pussy.... we feel
eachother throbbing.... i suddenly close my eyes and wrap my arms and
legs around you... holding you tight as you thrust... as you push me
over the edge.... as i lose control of my body and the waves of our
passion breaks over me... then you release your seed... my hips arch
to press against you... i scream as i orgasm the 2nd time... i feel
you filling me.... then you collapse against my chest. you came so
hard, and so much... you only have enough energy to kiss my breast
before you fall asleep in my arms, and i follow you to dream.

(just a note: i'm not a 'screamer'... but i always wonder what it would be like? how intense would it need to be to make me scream? and would that somehow unleash the holding in me, throw me over the illusive edge? i suffer from pre-orgasm... my body gets *almost* there... then just stops. what will happen if i'm pushed over that edge???)

rm_MILES1955 61M

8/14/2005 2:41 pm

I loved your fantasy. Keep it up.

shyknight2005 42M
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8/14/2005 8:16 pm

redswallow777 48M
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8/14/2005 8:37 pm

Perhaps you will die....but chances are you will not and you can go on to fly off that edge again and again and again.

509cock4u 42M
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8/15/2005 12:01 am

Sex Kitten,
In regard to your last statement of not being able to go over the edge, have you ever? Honestly most woman I have had experience with that are like that require just the right settings and mood. It is almost like they are nervous and need to relax. I am no doctor or pro at orgasms, but I have found that little things like keeping the lights off, maybe a stiff drink before sex, etc. can help in the relaxation. Screamers are rare in my experience and the few might be faking it. Only a select few I have found that cannot help it. You can usually tell because they seem almost embarrased and hate it. I had one girl that we were going at it for way too long. I had been drinking and was going like a marathon runner. We desided to wrap it up soon. She "instructed me to hit a particular rythem and stay at it no matter what. I did it and it was great watching her build up to it. I was almost getting nervous when she was just about there. Then it was like a freight train. Her insides tightened hard against me, and then "bam" it just released and that is when she screamed out. It was a half pant and whimper at the same time. It was one of the first times that I had seen that much release of cum from a girl. At first I wondered if she peed on me or something. It was hot and all over. Not to gross you out, it was awesome and I thought I had just won the Gold Medal for it. You seem to always remember those times because you compare them to the current ones. Write me or check out my stories. 509cock4u

demonicsexkitten 41F  
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8/15/2005 1:15 am

thanks, guys... *blush*

rm_krsmth 43M

8/15/2005 3:34 am

What would happen if you were pushed over that edge? What would happen if you gave in to that urge, relaxed enough to not be there to make it happen, but only to experience the simplicity of being?

When nothing else exists aside from you and your lover, when the only thing that matters is the feel of flesh, the taste of salty-sweet skin, the warm breaths clashing against each other as you gasp and moan, then the body will release the tension and give in to the urges that it yearns for.

Redswallow777 is right, it will happen again and again, when it does happen, and it will.

What will happen after passing through that gate? Maybe the same thing that might happen to a lioness after making her first kill: it will never stop, and may never be enough. Each little death a prey to her primal ways and the hunger for more never ceases.

Can this also be true for a man? It certainly can. For me, I needed to learn to relax and realize that I am not there to perform, but to experience and share. To share in pleasure so intimate is addicting and satisfying at the same time. To give so much and to be greedy and want to take more than the other can give, all in the same moment, is an incredible moment for two seperate beings to create.

Once I learned to trust, to experience, to be only a lover and nothing more for those moments, then the gates of carnal pleasure openned for me. Sure, I had an orgasm before, but nothing like what was possible. When sex turns from copulation to making love, then the world seemed a different place.

EdgeofdesireM 47M

8/15/2005 10:20 am

Nocturnal desires, primal and released beneath the vigilant gaze of the moon in full glory. All the ingredients for a compelling fantasy. And under your hand wonderfully brought together for a compelling read. I thank you for sharing it.

The dance upon the edge is always delicate. There is always that moment when one has to accept the dizzing consequence of the unknown plunge off of it. It requires not only the courage to take the fall, but also the trust in another to know that when the fall comes he (or she) will be there to catch you.

rm_Chasing_Tail 56M
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8/15/2005 9:50 pm

Great fantasy...try it out on me any time you want...WOW!!!

tamethytension 54M
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8/22/2005 5:07 pm


this is brilliant...

nicely evocative, tasteful, ... truly erotic

well done my wicked minx

appx. one third of my partners have been screamers. Given that it is something I strive to attain (it is always in my experience associated with a deep vaginal g-spot orgasm), I would say that the majority of women do not either naturally react this way or have not learned to allow themselves this freedom.

Apart from that, you have engendered some interesting comments here with much wisdom to impart. Sign of a well done blog.



rm_PurryKitty2 48M/50F
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4/8/2006 5:24 am

Love it!

Purry {=}


jjisfree435 38M
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4/6/2015 8:29 pm

Absolutely amazing. I wish I had half your talent for writing. Your use of words and how you express the events.

Truly erotic and absolutely fantastic.
loved every part

live, lust and enjoy all forms of sex

demonicsexkitten replies on 4/6/2015 9:29 pm:
Thanks, jjisfree I'm glad you like it.

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